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Yeah, our eldest is only 5. It would be different if she was So the outdoors is going to be their classroom for the next year or two. We have a rough plan, but will be taking it as slow as possible. Keep the dream alive also and definitely hit the road when the time is right for you! Hi Caz and Craig, I am so looking forward to following you in your year-long journey. My husband and I spent a year travelling around North America and quickly became snowbirds spending our summers at home in Canada and winters travelling in the USA. We have thought about doing a similar journey in Australia one day.

One thing I wanted to suggest to you is RVing. We love living in our RV. So glad you will be following along. Yes we plan on towing a camper trailer so we are as self sufficient as possible, and it makes it so much more affordable to stay at caravan parks in Oz. Yes, you must do a similar trip down here. This sounds like the trip of a lifetime. I just arrived in Sydney on a working holiday visa.

Welcome to Sydney! We actually live 1 hour north and are here until end of September. Let us know if you need help with anything? Thank you! All the best! Wow, what a great trip! This is something I would love to do at some point in my life. Cheers James. Actually, we should be back in Victoria from Tasmania mid-late December. Would be great to meet up!

Oh my! I look forward to your travel posts. What a great adventure these place are awesome. I am really inspired by your photos and the captions. Keep up the great work. I like traveling and trying new thins as well. I want to make Trip Around Australia. Your road trip plan sounds very exciting. Welcome to Australia. Hope you will enjoy our place as well. I am a fan of your blog. Totally the best. Looks like its going to be another great travel trip. Australia is one beautiful country with lots of natural beauty.

Hope to follow you on this road trip. Sounds like a phenomenal trip. Have a blast. That sounds incredible.

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Sounds good Nick. We are actually from the Central Coast. Your backyard is a great part of Sydney. Hi Caz and Craig, I too have a dream to slow travel around my home country one day. You will have the absolute BEST time! Best thing we ever did! Hello there, i am working in the Middle East for a Year or so. I am from Ireland and i would live to see OZ before i go home. Am planning on going there at the end of Next Year before going home for Christmas..

From Spet — Dec… Am just wondering where to go and what to see!! Depends on your travel interests and how long you have? Hope you make it. I am so excited for both of you. I will be eagerly waiting for you to reach Uluru so I can meet your family waay to shy to say hi at the PBEvent. You should have come and said hi. Would be great to hang out in Uluru. You live in a beautiful and I imagine underrated part of New South Wales. You guys deserve this!! I am moving to Oz on a work visa and January. I want to do something similar. This is October now so you must be doing NSW? Good luck! Wish I had some places to recommend, all I can say is enjoy and make the most of it!

Thank you. Hi Craig! I am Viet Anh, from Vietnam. Do you have anyway easy go to Australia? Thanks for your shared! The beauty about living in this world is that its so diverse and unique in every single way that traveling in your own home country you will always find and learn about new things. Heck, even being a tourist in your own city can be surprising and wonderful!! Great post, the listed destinations and reasons behind that is completely approachable. Whenever I travel in Australia, I discover something new in the same place. Australia is a complete package for holidays with kids, family and for all age people.

Where would be a good place for a family of 7 to stay? We are planning to visit Sydney on December for 3 days but the hotel were too expensive to be considered. Any place that might be affordable and also can easily access to tourist area? Hi Jess. Hi, Thank you so much for posting such valuable information!

You are amazing and deserve much success. Hi, Good blog post. As a blog owner, just how long did it require for your blog to become productive? Likewise what do you enjoy most about blogging? Very good block where gladly read reviews and questions to the people. Thank you found an interesting site. Each area or city is great for its own unique reason.

Stay on the coast for amazing beaches or go in land and see some amazing hidden gems. Australia is really a fantastic place. Many people report major travel experiences to the East. New Zealand must be very beautiful too! Brazilian dream. Come to Brazil! I am going to Australia this week, and have been researching where to go as I have never been and will be there for 1 year.

Do you have a more specific itinerary, or travel ideas? I am kind of late to this article, but what an amazing thing to go traveling with kids for a whole year. How was the road trip? How much did it cost? I want to do something similar next year in the UK.

One year road trip in America

Good to see the content here along with beautiful Australia pictures and places. Six weeks ago I wrote about the secret to our success and … […]. But today is all about JOY. Some people have a travel bucket list. Table of Contents. Is Australia on your bucket list? Where should we go? Craig Makepeace is the co-founder of yTravel Blog. He's a travel addict, sports fanatic, beach lover, and passionate craft beer drinker! Name Website Email. Reply to MrsCeeeceee. Reply to Craig. Reply to Beth.

Reply to Kate. Hi Kate, New Zealand would also make a fantastic road trip destination. You should definitely do it. Reply to Russell. What a great adventure. Reply to Paul. Super excited to check it all out. Reply to Leisa. Reply to Abi. Maybe we will run into each other somewhere?! Keep following for all our tips! So excited for you!! Reply to Audrey. Reply to Charli. Great Charli, will have to get that book.

Thanks for the heads up! Where were your favourite places around Oz? Jeepers, this could take some time! Katherine Gorge was stunning. Wow, awesome! Thanks for sharing Charli. Reply to Amy. Thanks Amy, Yeah thinking we will need an endless amount of time. Reply to NatalieT. Reply to Brendon. Congratulations to you! How extremely exciting! Reply to Outside. Awesome plans!!! Enjoy them!! Reply to Stef.

Reply to Michelle. Good move, guys. This is much more your style. Reply to Louise. Reply to Beatrice. Love this idea so much! Reply to Turtle. Reply to Monica. Will have to check out your posts Monica. Feel free to leave any links. Reply to Lpeg. Reply to Lisa. Ningaloo will be amazing. Yeah, I guess WA is hot period in the summer.

Reply to Jean.

We hope it does too Jean. Reply to Johanna. Already one of my fave regions of Oz and have only scratched the surface!! Reply to Dee. Thanks Dee.

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The kids are going to grow so much in more ways than one! And yes our kids will get more out of this trip than sitting in a classroom at 6 years old. Reply to Lissie. Thanks for your tips! Reply to Moses. Cool pic. Looks intense. Reply to Sam. Reply to Erica. Yep, going to be a memorable family experience!

Reply to Megan. Reply to Val. Reply to Christina. And we must get all your best tips Christina!! Reply to PlanningQueen. Reply to Carli. Awesome you guys!! Really looking forward to read more about Tasmania! Reply to sofia. Thanks Sofia. Reply to Sally. Reply to Mary. Reply to Jenny. Enjoy Milan. How exciting for you guys!!! It sounds like an epic adventure for your family. Reply to Bethaney.

Now that is an itinerary! Excited to read about your adventures over the next year. Reply to eemusings. What great memories to create with your family. Reply to Michela. We are getting more excited by the day Michela. What was your favourite place in Oz? Reply to Andrea.

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Road trips ARE awesome. Sure thing Sam! Reply to Dean. Congrats on your decision. Hope your journey is everything your family dreamed. Reply to Jackie. Reply to Christy. Reply to Linda. Thanks Linda! So excited for you!!! Reply to Britt. Thanks Britt, Exactly, really excited to show the kiddies the best of Australia and beyond!

One year on the road in numbers

Reply to Maxabella. Reply to Veronica. Reply to michelle. Reply to Katlo. Reply to Lyndal. Reply to Caz. Reply to Laney. Plan on it Laney! Reply to Leigh. Reply to Anthony. Reply to Jill. Hey Jill, I just checked out your website and bookmarked it for our trip. Would love to see you guys as you swing by Brisbane…you are going to love the trip! Reply to budget. Thanks Jan. Reply to Phil. Thanks Phil, Yep Cairns is definitely on the itinerary, but not sure when. Reply to Becki. Cheers Becki, hope you make it down here. Seriously so excited for you guys!

This sounds like it will be an incredible experience! Reply to Ali. Thank you Ali. It is going to be awesome. Reply to Barbara. Reply to Jeremy. Reply to Tim. Reply to Lorraine. Thanks Lorraine, We are beyond excited for this trip. Reply to Luxury. Reply to Cam. Love em. And you must do the same trip!! Reply to Digital. Reply to Clive. Reply to Hogga. Master Plan!! Best Of Luck. Reply to Spoken. Looks really exciting.

I want to see Mitchell falls and the Heart Reef too! Reply to Andy. Reply to Cathy. Looking forward to sharing our pics and tips! Reply to PurpleTravelKate. Good choice! Reply to Albert. Awesome Albert. Great to hear. See you on the road maybe?? Reply to Angela. Safe travels. Reply to Robert. Cheers Robert. What are your plans for Oz? Let us know if we can help with anything!? Reply to Pasture. Have you got Oz in your itinerary? Hi Caz and Craig!! Greetings from Costa Rica!!!

Reply to Yeison. Reply to Kristin. Reply to ken. This is going to be an EPIC road trip! Cant wait to see the pictures! Reply to Mike. Reply to David. Reply to Thomas. Sounds like you will have many great stories to update us all on soon! Enjoy the journey! Reply to Anne. Hey Anne, So glad you will be following along. Reply to Arianwen. Hi Arianwen, Welcome to Sydney! Cheers Craig! Reply to James. Reply to Ces. Reply to saurabh. Reply to Johathan. Reply to Gabriel.

Reply to Marianne. Reply to Joshua. Thanks Joshua. We are from Australia though, just choosing to explore it more! Sounds like it will be an amazing trip! Enjoy it! Looking forward to read about your travels! Reply to nateniale. Reply to Shalu. For me, Bali is my second home, the place where I can sit back and relax. I love the food, the people, the beaches and, most importantly, the waterfalls. Hidden inside the dense jungle, the waterfalls in Bali are incredible.

Read more about them here. Hong Kong has been a dream come true for me. Tall, crowded apartment buildings fill the Hong Kong skyline, offering on of the most incredible views. For the best view in Hong Kong, click here. Getting so close to North Korea has been a wake-up call for me. This border is fine line between peace and war, between two different yet similar nations. It was incredible to watch a North Korean town from the Dora Observatory. For my entire experience, click here. The not so popular Ha Giang extreme loop is my favorite part of my entire two-months trip around Vietnam.

The tall, round mountains with steep valleys and the local tribes living in remote areas made the whole experience unforgettable. Being so close to these majestic animals filled my heart with joy and gratitude for having this opportunity. Bagan, the land of thousands of temples.

After backpacking Myanmar for one month, Bagan is the place that stole my heart. Being surrounded by so many beautiful temples is an experience that I will never forget. I never thought that I will see such beautiful beaches like the ones in Koh Samui. With clear, turquoise water and powdery, white sand the Silver Beach is my all time favorite beach.

Being in Cameron Highlands for a few days and drinking high quality tea while eating strawberries was a dream! Have you ever heard about the city where thousands of deer roam free on the streets? If not, go check out Nara in Japan for some cuteness overload. Walking on the streets together with thousands of friendly deer was incredible.

They even like to take selfies! I was amazed by all the temples here but seeing them during sunset was breathtaking. After a day full of walking, climbing and exploring we were rewarded with an incredible view. To read about all the things you need to know when visiting Angkor Wat, click here. Everyone knows I love colors. The brighter, the better. Visiting Little India in Singapore filled my heart with happiness. Everything was painted in bright colors, there were exotic smells at every step — a true delight for the senses!

Getting out of my comfort zone, traveling to a new continent, quitting my job and career, getting used to new food, starting a travel blog it all thought me so many things about myself. There is no better time to get things done than now. It might seem overwhelming at the beginning but with every little step taken you will be closer to your goal.

The hardest part of starting this travel blog was keeping myself motivated. When that happens, I remind myself that I have the best job in the world and that I am responsible for my own success and failures. Okay, okay. Traveling full time has thaught me a lot about the real value of money and how to get the most out of it. Even though I enjoy shopping, I was never very passionate about it.

I splurged from time to time but I never had expensive clothes. However, when packing my bags for this adventure I realized that out of all the clothes I own, I wore just a few. Even though at first I was terrified about backpacking around the world, now I love it! I only carry a few things, items that I need on a daily basis and my life is so much easier.

When you wake up in the morning and look inside the backpack and only have 3 t-shirts and 3 dresses to choose from, everything gets easier. No matter if you want to ask for directions or food, you can communicate with people through body language.