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Not Legends of Tomorrow. Pretty average in every way. Yes, this set-up is quite a lot like Heroes, the late-noughties NBC drama that similarly followed superpowered people on the run from men in black.

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And for the devout X-Men fan, there are also plenty of callbacks to the world of the comics, from the subtle the 90s X-Men cartoon theme song plays as a ringtone at one point to the story-relevant, with several classic characters like Thunderbird, Polaris and Blink featuring as the mutant underground the Struckers have to work with to find safety.

During one crucial scene there is a painting of a Wolverine, after all….


Hopefully even more X-citing events await in the weeks to come. Sunday, 8th October at am. Related news. The man, Quinn, is brought to Inner Circle headquarters where Reeva tries to convince him to turn off the mutant detection system at Creed Financial. He asks if all of it was a lie. Reeva says she wishes it was. Polaris tells Esme that they need to change the plans for the bank job.

The Zealots: The Gifted Generation Series Book 1

She wants Esme to watch Dawn and to take care of her if anything happens to Lorna. The mutants reinforce an ambulance to be able to transport Reed. Thunderbird leaves to gather some scrap metal for the clinic. Eclipse asks Blink what her fixation on the Morlocks is all about. Blink thinks with the Mutant Underground in the shape that it is in that they could use some new allies. A Purifier leads Jace to an abandoned barbershop.

He meets Benedict Ryan, a television pundit and apparently a member of the Purifiers. Ryan says he has a plan, and he wants Jace to be the face of their movement.

X-MEN: THE GIFTED Season 2 Official Trailer (2018) Marvel, X-men Series HD

Reed looks at a family photo and accidentally breaks the frame when his powers flare up. Lauren says she can protect him. Reeva gives Quinn instructions on what to do to shut down the mutant detection system. Rebecca is still nervous about the mission, but Andy continues to be supportive. The Inner Circle team gathers and heads to Creed Financial. Quinn goes inside. He uses the drive Reeva gave him to shut down the mutant detection system. The Frosts use their powers to pacify the guards outside the building.

Lorna and Reeva use their powers to deal with the guards inside the building. Ryan wants Turner to go on his show and tell his story. Turner is reluctant to throw the people at Sentinel Services under the bus. Ryan pushes him, but Jace still refuses. The Inner Circle gathers up the Creed Financial employees into a room.

Is Fox's New X-Men Show 'The Gifted' Any Good? Here's What The Reviews Say - Digg

One of the employees boasts of how they have an adamantium vault that is unbreakable. Reeva orders the employee to reveal how Creed has persecuted mutants to the world. Phoebe and Sophie use their powers to force him to obey. Rebecca wants to kill all of the Creed employees. Polaris tells her to stick to the plan. Polaris uses her powers to get them into the elevator and head down.

Eclipse can tell something is wrong with Thunderbird. John tells him about the mutant patient that died at the clinic the last time they were there. After Shatter died, Thunderbird is convinced the Mutant Underground is dying. Eclipse brings up Blink and her possible loyalty to the Morlocks. Eclipse encourages him just to ask her about it. Just then Blink arrives with Reed and Lauren.