Physics at the Terascale

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Publication costs will be centrally borne by the consortium and will be shared according to the respective number of journal articles of its member countries.

We are convinced that the proposed fair-share business model will promote a healthy and dynamic market and will benefit scientists, authors, funding agencies and publishers alike. It comprises experimental physicists and theoretical physicists addressing the fundamental questions of: particle physics, distributed computing, novel detector development and accelerator science.

Helmholtz Alliance Physics at the Terascale approved today

Its Analysis Centre supports research on strategically important points and helps train young particle physicists. DESY also provides key competencies and infrastructure in the fields of detector development and the development of high-energy accelerators. The LHC will offer new insight into the forces between elementary particles and the creation of matter by using particle collisions of up to 7 tera electron volts tera means 10 The physicists expect to use the high-energy collisions to finally close the gaps in the standard model of particle physics and prove the existence of the Higgs boson, which so far remains a hypothetical construct.

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Mon, 13 Aug Scientists publish statement supporting the International Linear Collider. Fri, 1 Jun 2.

SuperKEKB accelerator kicks into gear. Fri, 23 Mar Mon, 12 Mar 3.

Searching for the building blocks of matter