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Books Just another WordPress site. Barack Obama: The Story. You spend the night there, and set out early the next morning for Charleston, South Carolina, an hour drive. He also wants to streamline management by naming department heads to oversee groups of related agencies. Rendered in shades of gold, cobalt blue, red, and ochre, the fresco of good government depicts Justitia twice, reflecting her cardinal importance.

In one classic image, she sits balancing the scales held by wisdom. The Office shall coordinate efforts to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States How Bush Rules: Chronicles of read for free institutocrescer. With very few exceptions, all appointed officials who work in the executive branch serve at the will and pleasure of the President, even if Congress has specified a term of years for a particular office.

Hughes Jr. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. It is especially important to note that Obama followers appear to swallow every lie handed down to them by the 'Great Teleprompter' and never bother to check facts. In addition, they become enraged and start the name calling when the truth is revealed. Does Obama think his supporters are stupid? Don't they know the border fence is NOT finished?

Don't they know Obama was born 5 years before the Selma civil rights march that he claimed caused his parents to decide to give birth to him? After fact-checking Obama's many speeches, there is only one conclusion that right-thinking Americans can come to: If Barack Obama's mouth is moving, he's telling a lie. Is he a pathological liar? Or is he a narcissist that doesn't know the difference between reality and his own worldview.

Product Details About the Author. About the Author Martin and Patricia Reott are the parents of 6 adult children, 19 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren, so far! Martin is a retired schoolteacher who specialized in special needs and remedial students. He is also a veteran of the Korean Conflict and a patriotic American. He is an author and a speaker about political issues.

Patricia was a full-time homemaker who gradually became an international Marketing Director. She spent years as an adult education specialist, including working with disabled citizens and displaced homemakers. Also, an author and a speaker, Patricia is a dedicated animal rescuer. Both Martin and Pat love America and appreciate the beauties and freedoms of this great nation.

She would have championed the perspective of Terry Jones that we've lost our way; we stopped challenging what's wrong with the world and instead went to war with an abstract noun.

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I've not looked at words, war, or the war with words the same way since. A book not yet published, entitled: "Dick Cheney's Private Diary". Of course, it may take a subpoena to dislodge this document. On a happier note, I believe that the next president will have such difficult burdens to bear that he or she would benefit from reading "The Power of Positive Thinking", by Norman Vincent Peale. Posted by: K. Cawley February 8, AM. Posted by: Lmn February 8, AM.

Even if the book's allegations are untrue, the fact that it exists says a lot about our society. Posted by: mike February 8, AM. To all who posted here, this is a political junkie's and a bookworm's I fit in both categories! This is my first post, although I am a longtime admirer of Bill Moyers' choices of subjects and his commentary. I sent my first book recommendation to you last Saturday, but it didn't go through, possibly because I didn't include the URL. Reverend Strickler gave information about the book and the author earlier, so I'll only say that this book explains the origins and histories of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and their profound destructiveness in 1.

Besides being a fascinating explanation of the fundamentals of how to grow food biodynamically, two main themes in the book are 1. I like many other people who responded didn't really take the time to answer the questions and just offer either a title of a book or a list of books we expect our next president to read and take with them to the White House. I definitely agree. If I were to use the expression, "you are what you eat," and if you agree with that statement than we can also apply it to what you read. So, even if we read a book which is presents an opposing view to our own we can stil process it and use part of it to fuel us, and maybe even change us.

Therefore, what we do read can tell others something about us. In the same way if people see other eating a vegetarian meal or at a Taco Bell and Burger King. For the viewers and listeners of this program I will provide a link so you can quickly read over a short version of the contents of chapter 12 of the book I mentioned. His books, "Rights of Man" and "The Age of Reason" would make great additions to the White House bookcase, or even the president's nightstand.

When Paine arrived in the colonies, he saw their great potential, not only for independence from the crown, but the resources for building a new republic. He who is the author of a war lets loose the whole contagion of hell, and opens a vein that bleeds a nation to death. No sermons, no earnest advice. Just a pleasureable read, which may come at a high premium under the pressures of the job. This is the only book any one need read The unreasonable man adapts surrounding conditions to himself All progress depends on the unreasonable man.

I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them. Warren's Profession, They are of no consequence. Just do what must be done. This may not be happiness, but it is greatness. The other is to get it. Any man who is still a communist at the age of thirty is an even bigger fool. Posted by: bookworm February 8, AM. This book should provide proper perspective and a sense of humility to any president occupying the oval office.

I only wish that it were required reading and, hopefully, understanding for all national office-holders. These are two books that show how putting politics over what is right may pay off in the short-run, but leads to long-term disaster. If you become President of the United States, don't waste your chance to leave a proud legacy. Be a leader. Don't fritter away your opportunity by following the political winds. Posted by: Ebenezer February 8, AM. You win friends by good deeds, not weapons.

President Obama reveals himself

The book that I would like to see in a permanent collection in the White House for all future presidents and their staff is A Course in Miracles. This incredible book is not just a preview of the coming of a new era in awareness of our collective consciousness. It is because it will ultimately guide everyone who understands its purpose and message for humanity to help us all unlearn fear and become peace "full" leaders within ourselves.

The book is extraordinary not just with its content, it is extraordinary because it comes with an inner teacher that helps you understand what peace is from the inside out. There is a reason why this book was written for our times. Oprah understands why as do many in diverse fields and walks of life. There have been leaders who understood how to see the invisible in order to do what seemed impossible. The time has come for our leaders as well as each of us to understand that an inner vision of peace is the Will that will bring us together as all seems to be coming apart.

There is a place in you where nothing is impossible. Progress and Poverty by Henry George. The author came in 2nd, ahead of Theodore Roosevelt, in the 3-way election for mayor of New York City. The book in clear logic demonstrates how wages paid out aren't a deduction from capital but rather a creator of new wealth- in opposition to "supply side" theory.

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Since it is too late for my suggestion to be considered for your program tomorrow I will break the rules and make a 3 part recommendation. In one hour you get what you need to cut through all of the B. Unfortunately, Professor Dawkins missed the forest for the trees. I remember many years ago discussing the issues of population and environment with a graduate student in Sociology.

All of the presidential candidates have assured us they have the formula for generating more growth. To the extent that they are successful, they ensure our collapse. As a person who has been active in the environmental movement for may years it is notable how few people who call themselves environmentalists have read this book and how many of the few who that have tried have found it difficult to follow. This would be my recommendation for the next President, in consideration of this tragically conceived Iraq War. I can't imagine how a President with genuine "moral values" could commit U.

Posted by: J. Zogorski February 8, AM. The next president will be inundated with information. So many of the books on this list reflect what the person suggesting feels must be addressed. These issues must, indeed, be addressed. But i would hope that our next president enjoys reading for the sake of reading Long pieces for long flights. Short articles for a moment of sanity. Insight; criticism; Americana; and all with intelligence and wit. He with millions of others suffered in the Germany concentration camps and found meaning in his suffering.

So When the next president reads this book he or she will know that "life holds a potential meaning under any conditions, even the most miserable ones. Posted by: duck February 7, PM. This book explains and offers a sound remedy to violence at all levels--in the 'hood and in international conflicts.

No administration in history has done more damage to democracy than the current one. We have to find our way back to public control of our government. Joseph Conrad's meditation on the effects of colonialism on the colonizer seems specially relevant, though published in A current book, Linda Greenhouse's "Becoming Justice Blackmun" chronicles the intellectual evolution of a conservative into a great justice of the Supreme Court.

Part I: Living on Democracy's Edge Our journey to the edge and the forces making possible an invisible revolution of hope. Part II: Democracy Growing Up Outgrowing four beliefs that stymie us and discovering that power, even corporate power, isn't so stuck after all. Americans seize the rewards of self-direction.

Animal Farm by George Orwell should be required reading for every president, especially those since Bush. The manipulative ways of the pigs are lessons in what NOT to do--however, presidents like Bush take the pigs' actions to be a pattern to follow. The American people have allowed the travesties of Bush and his cronies and have done almost nothing about them. As some have said, "Where is the outrage?

Yet many Americans have been intimidated by Bush and cronies' sarcasm into going along with everything the government does. Mainstream media has become nothing more than governmental mouthpieces and so many American people just smile along with them. Animal Farm shows just how the American people have accepted governmental lies, failed to have faith in their own memories, and failed to get together and take action against the anti-Americans they made the mistake of voting into office.

The instant it was known that Bush had lied about WMDs in Iraq, impeachment proceedings should have been instituted. But what did Americans do? I only hope that people today can appreciate the lessons of Animal Farm. Posted by: Gene February 7, PM. I would recommend Arthur Schleisinger, Jr. This relatively short book reads as his last wishes for our nation; and a primer to the next president.

Schleisinger presents strong pleas to the next president to undo the errosion of our civil liberties and stop crossing the line of power in the executive office. In the book, Mr. Schleisinger points out that it was Eisenhower's administaration that coined the phony and frightening title of "executive privlege", and that this made-up concept has been used like a bludgeon against the congress, the courts, and the people ever since.

History, Politics, and the Struggle of a Community

There is no mention of "executive privilege" in any previous federal documents, or in the Constitution, and it has been a cover for the high crimes and misdemeaners of presidents such as Nixon, and Bush 43, and Clinton's more benign coverups. In the hands of Bush and Cheney excutive grabs of power were an obsession--some of the motivation for their intense secrecy, and their tens of hundreds of signing statements against their having to enforce laws crafted and passed by Congress. The administration's neocon fantasy of total American dominance over the rest of the world was the faulty ideological underpinnings of the war.

As their disasterous term finally ends we must undo the damage which they inflicted, Schleisinger states, by putting the power to declare war back into the House of Representatives as originally conceived. The book also discusses issues such as the archaic electoral college, and prior instances of when the college went againt the popular vote; often egregiously, but never more so than with the so-called elections of George W. Bush in office under the duress of his family's powerful friends in should have been the final straw. But instead of recommending the logical antidote-- direct presidential elections-- Schleisinger, sounding like the former advisor to J.

However, he writes, with such improvements as "bonus" votes to even out the overrepresentation of the sparsly populated states such as Wyoming, Nebraska and Alaska. He wants to prevent the country from having more than two, or at the most, three parties, and what he feels would be the "messiness" of many competing parties and the "inconvenience" of a election that might require people to vote more than once. I heartily disagree with Schleisinger on this point.

I want other parties to have the chance to be heard, and if the Democrats and Republicans were forced into invigorating competition with other parties, without these other parties being marginalized, or having to worry if they might be, in effect, "spoilers", we might have a closer resemblence to a democracy.

Let other parties and their candidates have a chance as true choices for our national offices. Put our people in the position other people in the more democratic governments of the world face, and that is to fully participate in their governance. Republicans and Democrats in their various incarnations have been running the show since our nation first split into two parties in the days of Adams, who was so distressed that the country was splitting into two parties, he passed the "Sedition Act", making it criminal to say anything negative about the president.

I think that after more than two centurys the people should directly elect their president and vice president. And may I add that as our current V. Although there are many things in the book I disagree with, the question posed, 'What book should the next president take with him into office?

I suggest that we need to share the stage with more political parties. I do believe that this book, albeit safe, would serve as a nag to the next head of office to balance the power between the three branches, and undo the errosion of our individual civil liberties taken from us by the demagogues of the past. The Portable Athiest by Christopher Hitchens. It's a compilation of excerpts from noted athiests and free thinkers. It introduces a framework for understanding complex problems and creating solutions that address all essential elements: psychology, culture, behavior and systems.

Carter's, Our Endangered Values, and W. Moyers, On America. Quotes from the cover of book: "Practicing peace is possible with every step, with every breath. It is possible for us to practice together and bring hope and compassion into our daily lives and into the lives of our families, our community, our nation, and the world. His ideas for peace, if applied, would build a monument to world brotherhood, to humanity.

This is about always listening to others and being compassionate, bringing awareness into each moment of our lives being mindfulness. By learning and practicing Thich Nhat Hanh's ideas of peace and compassion, one not only contributes to bringing peace in the world and eliminating war but also addresses issues such as poverty, lack of health care, too much consumption, inequality, and restoring the health of the earth.

Just the issues we desperately need to proceed with. Every interview makes me wish that everyone, especially our political leaders, would watch and listen and apply what these people offer us. The world would be so different if they did. Thank You Bill Moyers! Posted by: Sue February 7, PM. I reccommend 'Silent Spring' by Rachel Carson The environment affects our health, education, religon, economy, culture, and just about every other issue being discussed these days..

Posted by: Ruth z February 7, PM. Both of these books expose some of the key players-whether they are elite families, individuals, corporations, foundations, secret societies, "shadow governments"and especially traitors within the government The important message is that the basic battle really is one of good vs. Posted by: Rachel February 7, PM.

The best introduction to sustainable business principles with many great ideas from green transportation to providing food and water for the world. Helps explain how conventional capitalism is ruining civilization and the viable alternative.

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His point to succeed as a country we have to truly understand our history and learn to jump over our nationalism. I would recommend George Baldwin's "Political Reading of the Life of Jesus" which simply and starkly demonstrates how the Christian right have it all wrong when it comes to politics. Christianity in its current form was adopted principally by the politically powerful as a simple tool for manipulating the masses.

If you think you know about the crimes of the CIA, there is probably more, shockingly more here, than you realize. The strong performers also have worrisome weaknesses The state is falling behind in the percentage of 9th graders graduating from high school in four years.

Since the early s, colleges and universities in state have become less affordable for students and their families. Posted by: peacepilgrim February 7, PM. Skip the Bible.

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It is a reminder that citizens need to be participants in the invention of the government, not consumers. America needs to refind its spirit of voluntary association which was the grand secret of our success and the source of our early wealth. When did we stop being citizens and become consumers anyway?

The one book I really want the next president to read is the Constitution. I'm quite serious about this. I want them to get one of those little books GPO puts out and keep it close by every minute. Punch a hole in it and put it on a string around their neck if necessary, but I want the next administration to follow that Constitution to the letter. No torture, no violations of national or international law, no spying on the American people. I would suggest The Federalist Papers so the next president is very clear about exactly what the Constitution says. Only a profound understanding of the wisdom of classical literature can save the next President, and us all.

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Gerard Vanderhaar presents a vision of peace coming about through caring people exercising social justice, a quality all leaders should have. Posted by: Jane T. Morosky February 7, PM. As I read through this list, I was amazed at how many of the books recommended that I have read. Not all, of course. But, instead of recommending a book, I'd like to recommend that the next president of the United States take with him - Bill Moyers - as part of an important "advisory team" to help keep him informed and balanced.

I've followed the career of Mr. Moyers for many many years, and there's not a person in America, in my opinion, with higher integrity. And he knows so many people who are highly qualified to talk on so many important subjects. Posted by: Ben February 7, PM. Marilyn Ferguson's "Aquarian Conspiracy" written in , and her follow-up twenty-five years later called "Aquarius Now. We are grossly unprepared for the changes to come, and we continue living in denial. Energy prices, shortages, and climate change, if we fail to prepare for them, have the potential to destroy our economy, our government, our way of life, and even much of our population.

I think that what is lacking in EVERY president that has sat in the office in my lifetime is the apparent lack of sensitivity to the empirical history of the United States. I believe that the solution to all of the present crises in our country are in that book. Posted by: chuck February 7, PM.

Black Muslims in the US

Tenzer shows that the white Southern slaves produced by a combination of racial mixture and the maternal descent rule were viewed as white people by Northerners, who had good reason to fear that any white person "mixed" or "pure" could be kidnapped by slave catchers and sold into slavery in the South. Tenzer also destroys the argument of those neo-Confederates who contend that the Southern states called The Slave Power in the North were merely resisting the tyranny of a federal government.

The Slave Power effectively controlled Congress and the Presidency for most of the antebellum period. Free states exercised "states' rights" by passing personal liberty laws to nullify the effects of the federal Fugitive Slave Law. This law gave the accused slave no rights to bring witnesses, have a jury, or any other forms of due process. The judge was authorized by the law to receive a larger fee if he ruled against the slave than if he ruled in his favor.

Tenzer also shows that, when you consider the low wages of the average Southern white male, coupled with sharp rises in slave prices, slave catching was a tempting business. The slave catcher would earn more with one kidnapping expedition than he could earn by a year or two of hard labor. Many liberals historians ask why Northern whites would fight a civil war to free "blacks" they didn't consider equal. The obvious answer is that they saw slavery as a threat to whites.

There was not only the issue of the white slaves, but the constant denigration of a free society by the! Slavery apologists con! More than that, the pro-slavery intellectuals defended slavery as a good in and of itself, regardless of "race" or "color. Posted by: A. Powell February 7, PM. Debunking Debunking by David Ray Griffin. Mike Gravel's "Citizen Power. Posted by: Annie February 7, PM. Posted by: Lesley February 7, PM. Mke Gravel's "Citizen Power. The rich are allowed, even encouraged, to shirk their duty and ability to pay their fair share of taxes, while our struggling middle class is now footing more than their share of the bill.

Our tax system with all its loopholes, mainly benefiting the already rich, needs to be revamped. That should provide four years worth of reading and provide examples to act in all situations. Posted by: Russell G. DeAnna February 7, PM. Since all of them are going to hear a lot of American religion talk, Greg Boyd's "Myth of a Christian Nation" is a must-read.

It's an excellent analysis of the stark contrast between American history and real Christianity. I don't know if anyone else suggested it, but my book choice for the next president would be the complete works of William Shakespeare. Obviously this would prepare him or her for just about any crisis or event. The Assault On Reason by Al Gore, This book is exactly what I have been feeling for the last eight years, I say eight, because of the fear I felt when I heard Bush campaign and use the language of born again Christians eight years ago.

A lot of people didn't realize what he was doing, because you have to really be one to know the language, and I used to be one. I knew that he was speaking directly to them, and using them, and it scared me. I feel justified for that fear now, our country is alone and less safe, because of his unilateral imperial agenda. He told the world God told him what to do, and the country fell for it.

He has used God as an excuse to get across the agenda of his far right extremist coalition, to the detriment of this country. It is criminal in my mind the things he has done and he should be impeached. Gore lays out, in an easy way for the average person to understand, all I have been feeling for eight years. Everyone needs to read it to understand how those people work on fear and emotion rather than reason.

Less government to these extremists means big corporations getting away with polluting the air, our water, less safe food, less safety in the work place Less government means to them less accountability for the rich getting richer. But they do want government to interfere and invade for no reason other countries without having debate or dialogue with anyone else. They do want government to govern our so called moral values, and they hide it under God, to keep their base in line; it makes me fearful and angry. They want to control the press and anyone that doesn't fall into line are threatened with no access or no job.

They hire their cronies who agree with them and threaten those who don't. They make laws to keep people down, building the servant class and destroying the middle class, in order to keep them powerful and well served, and to insure they will be left alone to do their will. They keep good educations from those who need it to better their lives.

They allow the Drug corporations to write our health care policies. Why don't more people see what is happening, get outraged and do something about it? I am a registered voter non-party, but the republicans cannot win again until this extremist bigoted faction of the party are rendered irrelevant to politics again. They are as scary as the Klu Klux Clan, and about as hateful. I have never been interested in politics before, but Bush scared the be Jesus out of me and I have been educating myself for the last year or so to become a more informed citizen and to hopefully change what has happened to this country in the last 8 years.

That is why I think voters are coming out in unprecedented numbers this year, because like me they are scared of the right wing Fascists, and deep down know something needs to change, but maybe not fully understanding what has happened to make them feel that way. This book of Al Gore speaks to the average person, is easy to understand and is a faster read, than most of the non-Fiction I have been reading for a year now.

This was such a good idea, to have people come together and make a book list. I am going to read the ones posted here on this blog, thank you, and I love your show, I watch every week, I love your dedication to bringing the truth to us. Kathy Mae. Posted by: kathy struewing February 7, PM. Told through the viewpoint of villagers in an occupied Scandanavian country, the novel shows how the deposed citizenry always had the upper hand to the invading army. Resilient as the soldiers own fears and longing to be home got the better of them, the book made it clear that a military threat can never take away the spirit of an occupied people.

Posted by: Joel February 7, PM. Hostile Takeover by David Sirota - draws direct lines between the money and the votes and it's the best argument I've seen yet for clean money campaigns. I hope I am not too late. This book may have been mentioned already. I ran out of time reading the excellent suggestions. I can' remember the subtitle but it is about the inevitable collapse of our country.

Written in but it is playing out exactly as he wrote. If you haven't done a program with him on it you should interview him. A scary book but hopeful too with some good suggestions of ways to survive. In it, he describes how "a creeping extremism has taken hold of our federal government, and it is threatening to radically alter our system of government and who we are as a nation. Sane, non-fiat money as a "complementary currency" leading to an enormous increase in both economic activity and employment. A real-life history of the downtrodden and the ordinary--something all in power should have knowledge of.

Posted by: phil melnik February 7, PM. The Art of War by L. Any Democrat will have to read it to understand the strategies of the Republican ruling class. Every American should read this work to regain an insight into separation of powers of state. Posted by: dlgreendo February 7, PM. I recommend the allegorical treatment, The Beatitudes, part of The New Orleans Trilogy, which is based on Dante's Divine Comedy: To wit so that we do not have to travel downward toward on the circles to hell again: "Bells rang out and echoed in a rush of rolling tintinnabulation and so we hurried along, passing a tall building with a round flat dome on the top.

A black halo surrounded the building circling round and round at a fantastic speed. The buzzing sound was deafening. I kept looking back as we headed into the sun and I realized that this was the World Trade Center at New Orleans and the black whirl was millions of flies.

Where greedy pigs run free. There was a dark slash across the horizon. We climbed steps that led onto a ledge and stood looking into a valley that was lush with swaying green and yellow grasses. There was no evidence of creatures there. It was all pure nature. Delcambre pointed to the valley. No calculations, no cause and effect. Accept what is given to you. When you return, that is when the lists are made. We turned west in unison. We knew our path. Down in the valley a large modern building jutted up into the clear blue sky.

The sky was reflected in its windows. A crowd stood in front of great steel doors and we heard crying, pleading by a young voice. The crowd parted as we approached.

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A young man knelt before an old lady dressed in black. She was hitting him with a stick and shouting kill, kill, kill. She turned to us and smiled, then the crowd surged onto the man, lifted him up and carried him into the building. Rebuilding the public libraries of New Orleans. Posted by: Martin February 7, PM. I recommend "Web of Debt" by Ellen Brown It seems to undergird our global reality, i. This is scholarly researched and clearly written and more than just an inconvenient truth I feel it's an essential truth for anyone wishing to understand the human tectonic plates of our civilization.

The means are the ends in the making. For more information contact beyondwar. Posted by: Robert Dodge, M. February 7, PM. Free Lunch by David Cay Johnston seems to me essential reading for anyone concerned about the future of our country and the growing disparities that may be our most important threat to democracy.

Would be a good companion for the president. People and times change but the need for fairness and civility are always there. I saw the show you did a few weeks back on makeing the case for impeachment. I agreed with you and your guests compleetly. Given the fact that this white house has gotten so much power in the last 7 years, I would love to see the next president read Animal farm. Posted by: christian lopez February 7, PM. The various global warming scenarios presented at the end of this book make all other problems seem small by comparison.

I hope this is the place for book suggestions for Bill Moyers show on Fri. Story of Greg M and his quest to build schools in Afghanstan and Pakiston in the villages where the poorest people live and they want education more than anything. Greg shows that education is the only way to bring peace and a way to end Islamic terrorism.

If we really want peace, we will have it, not with military might, but with book, not bombs. Posted by: patty guerrero February 7, PM. Posted by: larry February 7, PM. I agree with Harold K. Constitutional expert Joel Bakan's book, "The Corporation", and the documentary based on the book, are too important not to read and see.

This book truly shook me to the core. Posted by: David S. What could be the consequences to constitutional order if this trend continues unchanged? A national security imperative has led us to eke out over military bases internationally. Is this over-extension and if so, what would be the consequences, both pro and con when we scale back? How about "The Spoon River Anthology" to remind a President living inside the beltway that the lives of those he or she governs are fleeting, yet filled with so much hope and fear.

Reading the book and understanding its history might remind the next President that, although it may be a long and difficult trek to improve human societies, it is always a journey worth undertaking. It might also remind the President that even lawyers do have imaginations and can use them, as lawyer More did in writing his book. Posted by: Howard V. Hendrix February 7, PM. This is both sad and frightening,for such an important book. We'll never grow as a society without paying heed to this work.

Posted by: Harold K. Citizen Power by Mike Gravel. He's one of the most patriotic living Americans - a modern day Thomas Paine. He may not win the election sadly , but his message is the best one to truly influence the future of our country for the better. Posted by: marika February 7, PM. Only by understanding where our country truly has been can we make informed decisions regarding our future. First, and foremost,the message of this book is positive. The book had its genesis in after-talk meetings with thousands of people who shared their work, their beliefs, and their business cards.

The number of such entities world wide falls between one and two million more than ten million individuals —largely non-profits and NGOs. Now with the certainty of a new President, government can react and capitalize on the successful works in progress. Before arriving at the White House, the elected one should read the latest works of Oliver Sacks about the brain , Sherwin B. Nuland about aging-very accelerated as a President , and Nicholas Basbanes about books-the power of the printed word to stir the world.

A quiet time to read is a necessity. Posted by: hardindr February 7, PM. Any president that allows the Bible to be their first choice - should be required to read Leo Tolstoy's thoughtful non-fictional critique - The Kingdom of God Is Within You - the book credited with being a major influence on Mahatma Gandhi. This book should definitely be read by every candidate and citizen. Read it.

This great list of books suggests that our government hasn't been using the best ideas that could put our country in a positive direction.