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Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Master and Apprentice by Claudia Gray. An unexpected offer threatens the bond between Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi as the two Jedi navigate a dangerous new planet and an uncertain future. A Jedi must be a fearless warrior, a guardian of justice, and a scholar in the ways of the Force. But perhaps a Jedi's most essential duty is to pass on what they have learned.

But while Qui-Gon has faced all manner of threats and danger as a Jedi, nothing has ever scared him like the thought of failing his apprentice. Obi-Wan Kenobi has deep respect for his Master, but struggles to understand him. Why must Qui-Gon so often disregard the laws that bind the Jedi? Why is Qui-Gon drawn to ancient Jedi prophecies instead of more practical concerns?

And why wasn't Obi-Wan told that Qui-Gon is considering an invitation to join the Jedi Council—knowing it would mean the end of their partnership? The simple answer scares him: Obi-Wan has failed his Master. When Jedi Rael Averross, another former student of Dooku, requests their assistance with a political dispute, Jinn and Kenobi travel to the royal court of Pijal for what may be their final mission together.

What should be a simple assignment quickly becomes clouded by deceit, and by visions of violent disaster that take hold in Qui-Gon's mind. As Qui-Gon's faith in prophecy grows, Obi-Wan's faith in him is tested—just as a threat surfaces that will demand that Master and apprentice come together as never before, or be divided forever. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages.

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Published April 18th by Del Rey first published April 16th More Details Edition Language. Star Wars Disney Canon Novel. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Master and Apprentice , please sign up.

See 2 questions about Master and Apprentice…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. I was a little disappointed in this book. It was ok and good in most places. I think my main problem with the book is having read the entire Jedi Apprentice series I had a very different picture in my mind of Qui Gon Jinn and Obi Wan. This being a new universe this could be forgiven, and Claudia Gray does a very good job with her own characters, but for me she just did not seem to Qui Gon and the Jedi right for me.


My problem with the Jedi was they seemed to need rescuing as much as the who they I was a little disappointed in this book. My problem with the Jedi was they seemed to need rescuing as much as the who they went on to rescue. I agree with Qui Gon they acted more like political enforcers the guardians of justice. In fairness the Samuri that the Jedi are based did that their Shogun's word as the law without question, but as a Star Wars no. The story is good but a bit slow, and does need a heavy dose of action.

The parts that were good to great are things with young Qui Gon and Dooku. The book does give a reason Qui Gon was so obsessed with Anakin being the chosen one, the steps of Dooku's eventual turn, as well Obi Wan's dislike for flying. A good prequel to Episode 1, but not my favourite versions of the main characters.

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Good new editions of her own characters , and possible a prophecy for the future but we will have to see how that one plays out. View all 3 comments. Dec 05, Ana O marked it as to-read. Who do I have to kill, kidnap, bribe, or marry to get this book? This Cover. Aug 01, Peter Hale marked it as to-read. Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time; long time.

Apr 24, Neil R.


Added to these author-specific expectations, of course, was the fact that this novel is a prequel of sorts to one of my least favorite SW movies, The Phantom Menace —though I do love it when any author can make the prequel era better than it seemed to be in the movies. What an exhilarating surprise! The temptation for any SW author, I imagine, is to revise characters and events as we saw them in the movies.

For characters from The Phantom Menace , there must be enormous temptation to offer slightly different, improved versions in a novel. Qui-Gon is flawed, overly interior in his interpersonal relationships, puzzlingly cerebral—just as we see him in the movie. Seventeen-year-old Obi-Wan is. The characters feel true, and thus the story around them works; everything allows us to face the awkwardness of the film but also adds depth to why that awkwardness is there. In this story, they exist and interact and conflict in real ways. I can understand that, too, from when I was a grad student.

These two characters and their evolving relationship are portrayed with care and nuance. The realism keeps the story unpredictable, even though I knew of course where these characters ultimately end up. That is so refreshing for a SW novel. Gray successfully balances a few different narrative threads that come together at various points, and she creates new characters who are interesting and real. She starts with basic character sketches—a man who was raised by 81 3PO droids on a derelict ship; a woman who was taken into slavery as a child; a Jedi who has always felt and acted like an outsider—and builds characters who work really well.

They never feel like mildly different versions of existing characters from the films a problem that plagues SW writing. These are originals. The Jedi face multiple unanswerable questions that test their loyalties and priorities: Is it right to abandon one planet to slavery in order to potentially save many other planets? How much insubordination is allowable, and what justifies it?

When is it right to report on the insubordination of a superior? I loved the layers of complexity built into every aspect of this story. At the heart of the story is the question of prophecy, which has been the elephant in the galaxy ever since George Lucas brought prophecies into SW and then never explained what part they play in the story. The questions Gray wrestles with include: Were prophecies meaningful only in the time of those who made them?

Do they predict specific events that have happened or are yet to happen? In trying to see into the future, are we really just trying to be in control of that future? But the real question through it all is: What is prophecy, really?

Master and Apprentice

Most of these books are quickly read, as quickly forgotten. This one will stick with me. I hope that, having found her groove, she will continue to contribute to building the mythology. View all 10 comments. Apr 25, Mogsy MMOGC rated it really liked it Shelves: review-copy , science-fiction , media-tie-in , star-wars , tv-and-film , audiobook.

When the book 4. When the book begins, the two Jedi have already been working together for several years, though deep down, both suspect that their current arrangement may be soon coming to an end. So when Qui-Gon is unexpected offered a seat on the Council to replace a retiring member, a part of him believes that the change may be for the best. No one would expect him to turn down such a prestigious position, and consequently, Obi-Wan can be transferred to a different master out of necessity.

Her planet is now in a position to affect the economic futures of other worlds in the region, and a corporation called Czerka also has stakes in the new hyperspace lane venture that is being discussed. When terrorists threaten to place that all in danger, Averross decides to call upon his old friend Qui-Gon despite the two of them having drifted apart over the years, because he knows Pijal is going to need all the help it can get.

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The urgency of the situation also leads the Jedi to enlist the aid of a couple of jewel thieves named Rahara, an escaped slave from Czerka, and Pax, a social outcast raised by a crew of protocol droids aboard an abandoned ship. Meanwhile, Qui-Gon also needs to figure out what to do with his apprentice, as well as sort out his doubts with regards to his beliefs in ancient Jedi prophecies.

However, the central theme of the book is undeniably the relationship between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. But back to the relationships between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan: in the late 90s, I started reading a series of now-Legends middle grade novels called Jedi Apprentice, the first book of which was called The Rising Force and told the story of how they became master and apprentice. It was heartbreaking to read about their anxieties, knowing that deep down, they both loved and respected each other very much.

The story takes a look at both past and present, examining the relationships of multiple sets of masters and apprentices, as well as the role the Jedi Council has played in those dynamics. In addition, we have the side characters and their relationships to each other and the protagonists. Rahara and Pax were also a joy to read about, and their personal stories offer some commentary on darker activities that still go on in the Republic, including smuggling and slavery.

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  4. To sum things up though, I had a great time with this novel, and after reading it, I also think it would be fantastic to see more prequel or pre-prequel era Star Wars books in the future. Stellar performance, as always. View all 4 comments. Jul 29, Lucie marked it as to-read Shelves: star-wars. We've been given so much new content for the prequel trilogy lately and it's making me appreciate this era more than I used to, I am so happy. This book has many shortcomings, but in the end these were irrelevant to me, because I simply enjoyed the story.

    There are some as This book has many shortcomings, but in the end these were irrelevant to me, because I simply enjoyed the story. There are some aspects of the prophecies that fit both continuities really well particularly since Kylo Ren and Darth Caedus are so similar. There were space battles, lightsabre fights and blaster firefights aplenty, as well as smugglers and jewel thieves and evil corporations—this felt like a proper Star Wars story.

    I assume it is intentionally similar to The Phantom Menace , having Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan sent to a planet to aid a teenaged monarch in trouble, but it feels somewhat creatively lacking at first. Royalty in Star Wars is a pet peeve of mine—there was an arc about Mon Cala from The Clone Wars that I hated because it was all about hereditary monarchy—but the handling of it here is a little more sophisticated than usual, even though the writing style does not always match the conceptual level.

    The only real negatives for me were simply a matter of taste: 1. For a book targeted at adults it commits the sin of overexplaining simple terms and concepts that any mature person would already be extremely familiar with e.

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    I think that a non-YA promoted novel can credit its readership with a little more worldliness! For example, at one point the protagonists deduce that there is weapons manufacturing going on because they detect protons.