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Please refer to the inherent requirements statement applicable to your course. Unit Delivery Modes Delivery modes for units in this degree are yet to be confirmed. Please contact us for more details. Course Learning Outcomes Course Objectives Graduate Qualities Evaluate the public interest and cultural importance of sports journalism.

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UC graduates are global citizens: 2. Produce insightful and engaging reporting that demonstrates an understanding of the Australian and global sporting landscape. UC graduates are lifelong learners: 3. Reflexively adapt sports journalism concepts and skills to diverse media and corporate environments. UC graduates are professional: 1. Critically apply knowledge and judgment in the production of multi-media sports content in fast-paced environments.

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Search Filter Courses Units. The correlation value among students in the three axles was estimated between 0. The objectivity of the test is originally related to the clarity of instructions to the application of the test and the calculation of scores and results. The high objectivity of the test appears when a group of arbitrators calculates the test scores at the same time. The survey used in this study contains easy and clear terms and terms for the examiner and the examined.

And contain procedures and specifications that allow recording the results accordingly.

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This tool was discussed with the arbitrators with a precision for the axles one by one which makes them characterized by high objectivity. Time field: This applied research was performed during the period between 13 Feb. After the survey was unloaded, no forms were excluded.

Society and Study Sample: The samples in the descriptive research are considered as the basis of the researcher's work and are taken from the original society and have an honest and full representation. The sample was chosen randomly and there were students from both genders. Research Tools: Survey: is a widely used method of scientific research to obtain data or information about people's conditions, trends, attitudes, motivations or beliefs.

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The survey is important as a tool for collecting information despite the criticism, despite ofbeing economic in effort and time, also known as a practical tool, is one of the means of economics for collecting the most effective information for the research service. The latter contains a set of questions that were formulated to test the validity of this study and research objectives. A- Closed survey: The answer is restricted as it contains questions that are followed by specific answers and what the participant should do is to choose one of them by putting an X or a sign requested by the examiner, as in the objective questions.

This type of survey has many advantages, one of them is that it encourages the participant to answer it because it does not take much time and effort, and the easy of categorizing and analyzing the data statistically. On the other hand, disadvantages are that the interviewer doesn't find what he wants in the answers [13].

B- Open- closed survey: It contains a number of questions with specific answers and a number of other questions with free open answers or questions with specific answers followed by a request to explain the reason of choice, and this type is better than the previous one because it gets rid of its disadvantages.

Statistical Processing: A Testing: This test allows us to compare the different results obtained through the survey.

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D, The standard error is 0. The symbols represent the following: A2: The calculated amount during the test. D: The number of real duplicates realistic T. D: Number of theoretical duplicates expected. C : number of categorize groups The number of theoretical duplicates is calculated by the following equation : T. The symbols resemble the following: T: Total number of Duplicates. O: number of objective chooses of the questions. D Pearson correlation coefficient:. View and analyze of results: the table clarify that there is a significant difference in favor of great value, as the value of calculated A2 was This indicates.

Objective of the question: To clarify the effect using websites. And we conclude that most students are not affected by these sites after using them, due to several reasons, including the.

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And we conclude that sportive media helps most of students by introducing important academic subjects. And we conclude that the majority of students believe that we lack the specialists in sportive analysis and that after they were following sportive programs and games. We conclude that the majority of students believe that the level of the journalist in the field of sportive media is in the required level, according to what they have look for and saw in many news, unlike the rest of the students, they saw the opposite, and that is because of their point of view.

We conclude that the majority of students evaluate the electronic sportive media in Algeria as weak and that is because their permanent expectations. Explanation of the results related to the first partial hypothesis: University students follow the electronic sportive media. Based on the studentsanswers to the surveys, we conclude that they follow the electronic sportive media because it is able to develop awareness in all its aspects, as well as it is the system that determines thefeatures of the general culture of the society. And the hypothesis which says "thatuniversity students follow the electronic sportive media is right".

This confirms the student's awareness of the great importance of the electronic sportive media and what it introduces of information and sportive news, to enhance their sportive cultural. Through the students' answers to the surveys, we conclude that the electronic sportive media depends on a medium level on the stative side for ease of publishing news and ease of acquisition, while relying on both sides of the "stative and analytical" with a high degree, including the hypothesis that "the electronic sportive media depends on the stative side", which is reflected negatively on the development of sportive culture among university students.

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Is Verified. Explanation of the results related to the third hypothesis: Based on the answers of the students to the surveys, we see that the electronic sportive media convey the media correctly, according to the opinions of the students who are working on it and from it the hypothesis saying that the "electronic sportive media convey the media objectively is true.

The versatility of experiences in the OSU Sports Media program provides the insight students need to decide on desired sectors to work in the global sport communication industry. The Oklahoma State University undergraduate Sports Media program is the largest stand-alone sports media major in the world with more than annual majors and declared pre-majors coming from 38 different U. All 10 faculty members in the OSU Sports Media program possess extensive practitioner experience in the sports communication industry and most focus their research on sports media, which also helps them keep up with trends and happenings in the field.

When you pursue an undergraduate degree in sports media from Oklahoma State University, you will receive classic hands-on training in practitioner-based coursework covering all aspects of the multimedia, sport communication industry. All sports media majors also take industry overview and theoretical courses to provide a broad knowledge.