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The work we did to support multiple daily check-ins lead to even more improvements. You can now also check your progress simply by looking on the new circular progress bar that appears not the top left of each habit cover. To help you track your habits even more efficiently we added a new screen, the Habit Progress View, where you can easily check your progress and edit your check-ins for the day.

It is instantly accessible by tapping on the circular progress bar on the top right or from the streak calendar. Lastly, the habits overview screen. The circular progress bar that you find on each habit cover is now visible in the habits overview screen so that you can see how well you are doing across habits. Setup as many reminders as you need for each habit to get reminded as often as you deem suitable.

Hindsight Bias (Worm)

In the meantime your feedback is invaluable to us. Please let us know if you notice any phrase or word in Today that might seem weird or unsuitable for the given context. A new version of Today is about to be released very soon with many improvements and fixes.

Most importantly the next version will introduce a brand new notification widget.

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As Justice Srikrishna says he is not part of the report. So wondering who all are part of the report. I also have another question. I just wished to know that why such a free market thinker like you does not support free banking? I mean whatever we do to RBI and bring it under some law one cannot rule out the sheer hubris and arrogance of a central banker.

Better habits overview

They all talk about free markets but love to finetune the economy given a chance. We have ample examples of this in the past and the current state of central banking exposes all the nice ideas we had about central banking.

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It is just such poor policy everywhere despite all the independence and rule based systems. And then the govt can very easily undo the very laws which made central banks so called independent. Leave govt. Even central banks can easily undo all the games like RBI is so easily doing. It is targeting exchange rates under the so called modern inflation targeting regime so easily.

Given all the smoke and hype around RBI, no one even questions all this.

Even more philosophically, do you think any central bank can be called independent? It is an oxymoron. Historically, central banks have just served the govt and will continue to do in future.

Hindsight v2.2 Parses More Chrome Preference Items

Most central bankers have been part of govt machinery for such a long time and are so integral part of the entire system. My simple point is why we don't argue for a free banking system where at best central bank is a regulator of the banking system. Things like and interest rate setting can be done by banks and I surely believe they are far more capable than a central banker.

Overall, we can keep copying all these ideas which are shown as best practices. But we know seeing the western central banks that much of this was plain hype. Please note: Comments are moderated. Only civilised conversation is permitted on this blog. I am guessing that at one poit you loaded a web app that referenced the FW 2. NET provider, which then loaded the DB2 9 db2app.

Then when you tried to load a FW 1. This is only an issue with coexistance - DB2 9 with V8. Response Permalink.

I am not using them from within the same process. My web application running my ASP pages that call the. My ASP.

Today v - Multiple daily check-ins, multiple reminders and localisation - Neybox

Even if they're in different processes? I just want to confirm this before I proceed with any decisions But this would break my. Or would it? Do you think everything else would continue to work seamlessly if I were to uninstall the 8.

Multiple Daily Check-ins

Otherwise, it appears that my only option would be to wait until I have time to convert all my. NET assemblies to. Thanks for your help on this! I must admit I am not an ASP. NET expert. I do want to make the distinction between process and executables - it is possible for one executable to load another executable within the same process and thus have dlls loaded by the first executable used by the second executable.

It is a restriction for DB2 9 and V8 coexistance that only one copy of db2app. If you can stop and start your web server, then ensure the absolutey only web page you load contains only references to FW 1. My recomendation is to fully migrate to DB2 9 if you want to make use of FW 2. NET pages and keep existing FW 1. DB2 9 also contains an updated FW 1.