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The first step in tackling this problem is accurately determining where these fascinating animals are. In order to do that, the Angel Shark Project need your help to establish a regional monitoring network.

Globally connected, Shark Angels around the world are taking action

Please, report all angle shark oberservations in the Canary Islands! While Shark Angels was started by a woman, it has expanded to include anyone who is passionate about sharks, the oceans, animals or simply conservation, and wants to translate that passion into action.

We even have our own version of Charlie. It isn't just a girl thing We come from very different backgrounds, education and perspectives, but share a undeniable desire to get involved.


The Shark Angels have accomplished much through sheer willpower, donated time, and grassroots campaigns. These include heightening awareness and changing perspectives, the creation of a robust, edgy but educational conservation toolkit, and the formation of a global network of Angels over 4, strong.

Media in many global publications and programs in France, South Africa, the US, the UK, Japan, and Spain take the issues facing sharks into the mainstream, and develop of a very strong brand identity with world-wide recognition people want to be shark angels.

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The creation of a line of apparel, and the deployment of world-wide campaigns are having measurable results on shark populations world-wide, like Fin Free. All of this has been personally fueled through passion, time, and personal funds donated by Angels. Kim, Alison, and Julie still remain strong allies and friends that represent some of the first Angels and others around the world continue to look to them for inspiration.

Yet, it has become so much bigger than that, and is now a positively-fueled, empowered, connected movement led by thousands of Angels world-wide acting locally on behalf of an animal who desperately needs our help. Photo: Paul Wildman. Over one hundred million sharks will be killed this year.

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Few know about this issue, because it happens so far away from us. Out in the oceans, in countries few of us will ever journey to, for a reason that is foreign to many of us. And, worse, few care, as sharks have evolved into terrifying monsters that ironically, while often times fueling a mass hysteria, really only exist within our collective imagination. As a society, there are few things we fear more than sharks, with shark attacks consistently ranking as one of the top three most-feared natural dangers, making it difficult for many people to understand why sharks are worth saving — let alone take measures to do so.

And thus, countless animals continue to disappear without us noticing or caring. But, the man-eating monster is a myth that Hollywood and the media have created in order to increase ratings and sell newspapers.

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  • Actual attacks far outpace reports — as do the severity of the incidents. You are more likely to be killed in a hunting accident or lightening strike than a shark.

    Shark Angels - Making a Difference

    In , one person worldwide was killed by a shark bite, while people died in bicycle accidents, and 49 died from dog bites. Of the over species of sharks, only a handful have been linked to any incidents with humans; the vast majority of sharks are harmless to humans. Misunderstood and mal-aligned, the stakes at hand are life or death — not just for the sharks, but also our oceans.

    Turns out, we need sharks on this planet for our very survival. The frightening reality is, like them or not, sharks play a crucial role on this planet.


    Remove sharks from the oceans and we are tampering with our primary food and air sources. And the livelihoods of the over four million people that rely on the oceans for their main source of income. Remove sharks and that balance is seriously upset. Studies are already indicating that regional elimination of sharks can cause disastrous effects including the collapse of fisheries and the death of coral reefs.

    No one knows for sure what will happen globally if shark populations are destroyed, but one can safely fear the results.

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    Two hundred and fifty million years ago, this planet suffered the largest mass extinction on record, and scientists believe this was caused in part by catastrophic changes in the ocean. In the vacuum diaphanous shapes crossed; unlikely cerulean vessels, tentacles and sails for engines, moving by means of expansion and contraction. One at a time, without confusion, they reached me and overtook me, reacting to an arcane and tinted order, which had no logic or law if not that of a slow progression.

    It was like feeling a warm fluid: each of those shapes was a dream, a random and ordered dream that crossed my mind in sleep… I was aware, however, of an expectation, with a sense of delicate suspension. My mind was preparing for the next idea and at the same time was wondering about the ultimate meaning of that procession. The wait made me ready for the encounter; I will never forget that certainty, like the personal liturgy, celebrated by sweet solitude, prepares for the Eucharist. The ideas and the dreams suddenly shook the balance with a vacuum brief and intense.

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    Then, like birth, irreversible until death, everything went silent and made way for it. The blackness seemed to thicken and the vacuum fill up, the harmonies changed and the shapes expanded. Here it was, the main dream, facing me like the solution to an irrational equation.

    Not diaphanous but solid, not finite but endless, more than black. I have no way of describing it, the mind does not venture beyond the third dimension, but I know that I dreamt the shape and the essence of an angel. I was crossed, permeated, imbued, it was a mental fecundation: brain and soul were impregnated.

    A few seconds, then it disappeared, hardly noticing me, at exactly the same moment that the shy darkness faded. Night yielded its helm to the dawn.