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Profession: Author. Event Coordinator. Or using palindromes. Or starting every sentence with the same word or phrase. In the opening paragraphs we are introduced to the narrator, a middle aged journalist named Vincent Balmer. The French newspaper, which still employs him, has him cover the trial of a serial killer. He is partnered with a photojournalist, Antonio Flores, who he knows from the Paris office. The two men spend nine days together. One night Flores reveals to Vincent that he grew up in Lisbon… eventually telling the story of his star-crossed love for a girl called Duck.

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He does not seem to be subject to emotional peaks or valleys — regardless of what he sometimes claims. She, Irene, eventually joins the two men in Lisbon. Based on my previous reading experience, Vincent is part of that long tradition of utterly charming but romantically and otherwise inept Frenchmen whom French authors seem to adore. Vincent also has a hobby. Interspersed throughout the book are short stories which he is translating, written by the fictional Portuguese author Jaime Montestrela.

This swap included animals, and mice could be seen toying cruelly with cats. The municipality brought a definitive end to this custom in , when the swap between cows and flies led to a crisis. All the writing, as translated by Adriana Hunter, is stylistically elegant. As are the characters. Vincent, in particular, is a flawed but sympathetic protagonist. It complicates things, but not in a bad way.

It causes confusion and, at times, surprising reveals. And, to my mind, all the more interesting because of it. For more reviews, please visit BookSexy Review E aqui reside, no meu entender, a maior beleza deste livro.

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Aquece a alma! O que deixa o leitor a pensar Gostei bastante disso! Sep 16, Jill rated it really liked it. What is Electrico W? It forks off, continues its way, enters into dark tunnels, and sputters its way into daylight once again. Love and relationships are subjects that fascinate Herve Le Tellier, who focused on it in his prior book, Enough About Love.

Here he explores it once again in all its glorious and not-so-glorious aspects. Vincent Balmer — middle-aged journalist, writer, translator and lovesick fool — moves to Lisbon after being spurned by Irene, a much younger woman who is the object of his obsessions. Irene may have a thing for Antonio. But so does another girl he meets. And is another woman about to shock Vincent out of his love addiction?

Yet in addition to the love theme, Herve Le Tellier is interested in relaying the stories we tell. Vincent — in addition to the novel he is working on — is translating a number of quirky short-shorts by Jaime Montestrela. Fiction and fact, truth and perception, and love, obsession and languor all co-exist simultaneously, leading the reader through his or her own journey. Sometimes it seems slightly contrived, other times it works beautifully.

As one story recedes and another begins, as stories overlap, it becomes evident that Electrico W is really about how we tell ourselves stories…and which stories are true and false. This book went nowhere. Just like the Okavango river. It has a minimalist plot, keeping the main focus on its characters and their stories - the stories that make them who they are.

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  4. We experience these nine days through Vincent's narrative. Vincent seems to be working through a lot of confusion regarding his affair with Irene. He manipulates those around him, even those he has yet to meet, in order to reconcile and work through his conflicted feelings.


    He also doesn't seem to have considered the natural consequences of his interference. Vincent is definitely confused, still trying to figure out what he wants and how he feels. The novel seems to just drift along The characters are strongly developed, each one unique. When the plot lulls, which to me felt often, the interest is shifted to exploring each character. I especially liked Aurora's spirited energy; she was by far the most entertaining personality in the book. This book is due to be released by Other Press on June 18, I did not receive any other compensation for this review.

    Jan 13, Tami rated it really liked it. Nov 21, Susie rated it really liked it Shelves: indie-press , insatiable-booksluts-reviewed , good-read , fiction , literature , lit-in-translation.


    Original posted at Insatiable Booksluts. E-galley provided by Other Press. Rating: 4. My lovely friend Tara over at BookSexyReview says that Le Tellier is actually kind of a big deal and he belongs to a movement of writing called Oulipo. If that floats your boat, I urge you Original posted at Insatiable Booksluts.

    If that floats your boat, I urge you to head on over to her post and check out information about that. For me, I'm much more clued into art movements than literary movements, so I'll let better minds than mine field that while I talk about the reading experience of this book. Vincent is so much of a textbook case that I was furiously making notes about his Frustrated Beta Male Syndrome within the first chapter or so. Most authors couldn't tackle a character like Vincent and make him anything other than a whiny, absurd caricature; Le Tellier manages to do the improbable and makes Vincent a character that, while you still kind of hate him, you feel just enough sympathy for him that you can read the book fluidly and enjoy it without complications.

    Le Tellier does this by cheating the perspective a tad; in paintings, artists often take liberties with "true" perspective to get more of the picture in the fame. You end up with impossible tables that couldn't hold up a bowl of fruit in real life, but you get to see everything the artist wanted to paint. I feel that, in writing Vincent, Le Tellier employed a similar technique; Vincent is self-aware enough that he is able to admit his flaws, even while being fully captive to them.

    I don't think most people like Vincent would be that self-aware, but it is a necessary cheat. The book starts with Vincent, our tragically unloved hero, fleeing Paris to escape the wiles of the beautiful Irene. Irene has dragged his heart through the muck and stomped all over it by rejecting his constant mewling to be loved.

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    He sets up house in Lisbon, picks up a few hobbies, and tries not to cry every time he thinks of her which is all the time. Sidenote: it is a fact that I once was friends with a man who, despite my clearly telling him over and over and over that I was not in the slightest romantically attached to him, persisted in trying to win my heart.

    I was approximately twenty-one years old at the time, and not smart enough to realize that this wasn't a real friendship; I let him fly across the country to meet me, against my better judgment, and I shit you not, he was already trying to make out with me within 24 hours. So, Irene, I feel you, girl. A serial killer is caught in Lisbon, and Vincent is assigned by the newspaper to cover the trial along with photographer Antonio Flores. Vincent, on the other hand, drags the albatross of the feeling of failure everywhere he goes.

    He claims it is a necklace of quirkiness and underdoggish victory, but we can see its true feathers. The two men form a tenuous friendship if you can call a relationship where one person is wildly jealous a friendship , but that is largely undone when Vincent learns the identity of the French woman who pines away for Antonio: of course, it is Irene. And she is coming to Lisbon, where the men have adjacent hotel rooms.

    Vincent crafts quick and terrible lies to save face; he invents a girlfriend, Lena Palmer. Secretly, he hatches a plot to reunite Antonio with his long-lost love so that he will abandon Irene, and Irene will be as wounded as Vincent and, he won't let himself admit, available to him. Things go awry, as do they always. Irene does turn out to be a flaming bitch, but again, Le Tellier masters his craft in such a way that we can see her without being filtered through Vincent's lens of bitterness.

    There are other women who wander into the story: Aurora, who is a bit Manic Pixie Dream Girl for my tastes; and Manuela, who doesn't put up with any of Vincent's shit, much to the reader's delight. Also to my delight, there is character growth. Vincent makes a few choices differently than the old Vincent would have.

    He turns right a few times instead of left. They are small choices, but they are redemptive. This is a book that made me think, and I think I like that most of all. I have little Kindle notes and I so love being able to do Kindle notes, y'all about literature sprinkled all through the book, ones that make me feel like kind of a smarty-pants, and I enjoy that feeling. His writing style is smooth; the translation is wonderful.

    The setting is lovely and the book is interesting. And, did you see that cover art? I didn't notice it until after I finished reading, because Kindle. Overall, I highly recommend it. Oct 27, Marien rated it really liked it. I decided to pick what I believed the best parts of Herve Le Tellier novel were relating to his eloquent style and artfully created plotline to share and entice all other potential readers so here I go : 1. The relatable emotions of all of the characters. Even though the novel seemed a much more adult novel, full of tangled relationships with surprising tangents, I was able to truly connect with some of the characters on a deep level.

    In one spot of another, they all experienced loathing, intense sadness, feelings of revenge, love, and jealousy. I appreciated the fact that Le Tellier focused on the complicated sides of relationships, including betrayal and disagreements, rather than only the typical emotions of love and affection. Therefore, the novel seemed quite twisted as both Antonio and Vincent faced great trouble in their casual and lasting relationships with multiple women. As he leaves his home at a young age in Spain, he leaves his beloved girlfriend Duck, who later becomes pregnant with his son.

    He cheats on Duck many times with other women, which she discovers when she desperately tries to find him and realizes that he began a new relationship with another woman represents Circe. In addition, later in life he meets Irene Calypso , who often engages in relationships with older men to gain fortune and wealth. Lastly, he meets the magical Aurora, who I believe represents the sirens as she steals away his heart with her exuberance and love of freedom and lively spirit.

    However, both stories share the themes of determination and perseverance: not matter how far one must dig until they find the answers, they must never give up until they reach that far away point. The placement of different stories into the plotline.