Quantum Trajectories (Atoms, Molecules, and Clusters)

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Quantum Frontiers of Atoms and Molecules.

Quantum Trajectories

Quantum Trajectories Atoms, Molecules, and Clusters. Photons and atoms: Introduction to quantum electrodynamics.

1st Edition

Photons and atoms : introduction to quantum electrodynamics. Atoms, Molecules, and Light.


Spectra of atoms and molecules. Spectra of Atoms and Molecules. Physics of Atoms and Molecules. Atoms and Molecules Invisible Worlds.

Laser control of atoms and molecules. Density functional theory of atoms and molecules. Atomic Photoeffect Physics of Atoms and Molecules.

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Precision Physics of Simple Atoms and Molecules. The quantum theory of atoms in molecules: from solid state to DNA and drug design.

Welcome to the Hazzard research group home page! We often look for postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates who are interested in many-body physics in ultracold systems -- see the jobs page for more information.

Quantum Trajectories : Pratim Kumar Chattaraj :

We employ a diverse range of theoretical tools, and try to find the right tool to approach a problem rather than shoehorn a particular theoretical method to it. Techniques we have used are both analytic and numeric: although our primary expertise is analytic, we frequently do medium-scale numerical calculations often in Mathematica and collaborate with numerical experts for more sophisticated and large-scale calculations. Examples of familiar analytic tools that we have recently employed include mean-field theories, high-temperature expansions, renormalization group and effective field theories, bosonization, Bethe ansatz, and novel exact solutions.