A Thousand Shades of Blue

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I would have laughed if it wasn't my life that was getting turned upside down. But this journey leads to self-examination and a tentative family connection by the end. The conclusion was very well done, not pat or simple, but fraught with complexity and yet possibility. I enjoyed the novel; the writing style was realistic, delineating each character believably. Rachel has a strong presence, and although she is full of teen angst, she is also a good kid, and clearly still part of her family.

A Thousand Shades of Blue

Her voice is at the exact right pitch; obviously teenaged and not full of unlikely adult insights. Her younger brother wonderfully geeky Tim and her parents are each individuals as well, and their interrelationships are not perfect but entirely comprehensible. It's actually a nice family to read about -- complex without stereotypes, a family you are pulling for. All of the information about sailing, the boat itself and the waterways they travel, is part of the story, and is fascinating and atmospheric.

A Thousand Shades of Blue

Stevenson doesn't fall into the trap of sticking in dull research just to get it in there; each element adds to the book. The storyline develops the topics of autonomy, responsibility, sexual mores, and basic angst. It's well-done and brings up the idea of tolerance of shades of grey in life; in the title drop, Rachel muses that just as in the depth of ocean water: Two feet and ten feet are shades of blue as different as misery and bliss, but when you are floating somewhere in between, it's not so easy to know if you have enough: enough happiness, enough love, enough trust.

Our family is far from perfect, but maybe there's still enough there to keep us going. Maybe there's enough water under our keel to keep us afloat. It's a well-written, original tale of a year in a family's life.

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The musicians have to be very good and well prepared as it is very difficult to repair mistakes because of the ''cross talk'' between the instruments, we have to be very precise when choosing and placing the microphones and the puzzle of placing the musicians at the right distance to the main stereo microphones and the right distance to each other, is also time consuming. And when we have a live audience in the studio, we pray that they remember to turn of their cell phones and the ones with a bad cold choose to stay at home.

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The room where the recordings has been done is the now legendary Studio Eleven situated in the the building of the Dutch World Broad Casting Service. The Dutch World Broad Casting Service asked Frans de Rond to bring the room back to life as a recording studio, and Frans after seeing and hearing the room jumped at the opportunity. Sound Liaison has been allowed to use the room for our audiophile projects and we are eternally greatfull to the Dutch World Service for the opportunity. Recorded in Studio Eleven Hilversum with a live audience on September 15, This recording was made by Sound Liaison for and with lovers of high-end audio recordings.

Thousand Shades of Blue

Add Review peterbjornild June 13, Report. Surely it will benefit the majors to make high-quality downloads a first choice rather than an MP3 extra, but I believe that individual artists can benefit as well. Most new-to-the-scene performers have little money for middlemen and disc manufacture, yet can get things together for the Internet. And man, are they ever sweet. I've seldom heard recordings that were so successful in both performance and sound aspects.

De Rond hails from the Netherlands, where he studied double bass at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague while concurrently studying recording techniques. Since graduating, he has played almost every type of music, from classical to jazz.

A Thousand Shades of Blue

As if, when closing your eyes, you find yourself in the best seat in the hall. It's a daring feat; one take and no place to hide, but the abilities of the musicians involved make it seem easy. I chose to talk about the first album by Carmen Gomes Inc. It was a tough choice because all of the three current albums were worthy of review.

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Carmen Gomes has won many awards in the Netherlands and surrounding areas. The musicians play to her and to each other, and the ensemble is so tight that the four musicians breathe and move as one.

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Go to the Sound Liaison site, listen to a few samples, download an album, and see if you don't agree that this intimate effort is one of the best and best-sounding jazz vocal albums to come along in many a day. Be sure to listen to: On "Dock of the Bay," Gomes creates a languid, bluesy version that is a little bit reminiscent of Bobbie Gentry while still coming across as quite original. It'll cast a spell over you.

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