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In a farmhouse at the edge of Salisbury Plain, a family is falling apart. Stephen can't afford to put his mother into care; Arthur can't afford to stop working and look after his wife. When a young stranger with blue hair moves in to care for Edie as her mind unravels, the family are forced to ask: are we living the way we wanted? Visitors takes a haunting, beautiful look at the way our lives slip past us.

Yer Granny is a riotous new comedy about a diabolical year-old granny who's literally eating her family out of house and home. She's already eaten their fish and chip shop into bankruptcy and now she's working her way through their kitchen cupboards, pushing the Russo family to desperate measures just to survive beyond As proud head of the family, Cammy is determined that The Minerva Fish Bar will rise again and that family honour will be restored - and all in time for the Queen's upcoming Jubilee visit. But before Cammy's dream can come true and before Her Maj can pop in for a chat, a single sausage and a royal seal of approval, the family members must ask themselves how far they will go to solve a problem like Yer Granny.

An ordinary school day. But today, there is no going home. When the rest of the world has forgotten your existence, where do you run when the Apocalypse looms? The dock? The navy base? Or do you just sit tight and ride the whole thing out? In a city overcome with death, we are finally forced to start living. After more than thirty years, Alan is returning to Mumbai on business. He finds the bustling city is moving on and up. Between meetings and expense account dinners, he visits the auntie and cousin he used to spend his holidays with, and makes an unexpected discovery about his late father.

As truths are uncovered one by one, will Alan be forced to come to terms with a way of life he turned his back on? Will he reconnect with the cousin he loved as a brother? A father he thought he knew, and the tiger that haunted his dreams? Coco, Mari and Helena are The Sweethearts, a manufactured girl band who are rarely off the front page of the tabloids. In need of some positive publicity, they travel to Afghanistan to do a special gig for the troops at Camp Bastion before the base is handed over to Afghan officials.

A group of battle weary soldiers, chosen to protect these three beautiful celebrities, eagerly await their arrival. But when there's an attack on the base, The Sweethearts and the soldiers are thrown together and forced to wait it out in very close quarters Marking the first anniversary of the departure of British Troops from Afghanistan after a thirteen-year campaign and the deaths of British service personnel, The Sweethearts is a new play about the people we choose to make into our heroes and how we tear them back down Author: A.

Mary Barbour's Army fought against evictions from their homes with bundles of washing, cooking pots and wooden spoons. They won. The Oran Mor production, in association with the Traverse, played to sold-out audiences. This year the play returns to Glasgow to join the city's celebrations of the centenary of the Rent Strikes when the Clydeside blazed with political activism. It is about how we got to the point where our governments are spying on us and how that's changing who we are.

A compromise candidate, he takes the name Pope John Paul I, and quickly shows himself to be the liberal the reactionaries within the Catholic Church most feared. Thirty-three days later he is dead. No official investigation is conducted, no autopsy is performed, and the Vatican's press release about the cause of death is found to be largely false. With a premiere at the Chichester Festival in April starring David Suchet, this gripping thriller goes behind the scenes at the Vatican, uncovering the bitter rivalries, the political manoeuvrings and the unspoken crises of faith that surrounded the death of 'the Smiling Pope'.

Set on a plantation in pre-Civil War South Carolina, it has been performed to great critical acclaim. Nothing I do has changed. I'm doing what's always been done on this piece of land The farm is running at a loss, but Vic is determined to keep it going. He'll do anything he can, work day and night, but he won't admit that his small farm has no future.

As the rural crisis deepens the family's three generations look for ways to save the farm. But tensions between the old and new worlds threaten to tear the family apart. Millicent has been computerised. After a lifetime's work in the Obituary Department of the Morning Telegraph she has been made redundant. The firm, however, has allowed her to go out in style - she can write her last obit in her own hand with her own fountain pen.

But whose last obit will it be? An obscure failure? A giant of history? A personal friend? An old lover? She plunders her memories, her fantasies and her long friendship with the daft and the dead before she makes her decision. Danny's skint, no change there. His girlfriend Amy's left him, the flat's a mess, and has got nothing to smoke. The only thing different today is, he's going to get his legs broken.

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Danny owes some bad people money. If he doesn't come up with GBP by tonight, a lady called Cathy will be calling with a baseball bat. He can't beg, can't borrow and isn't much cop at stealing, so Danny, Amy and her Dad set off on a quest through Leeds to get him the dosh. From Beeston to Briggate, casino to karaoke, with Cathy and a psycho called Cauldron in pursuit, will Danny get his happy ending or is he just the no-hope Scuffer other people see? In The Good Family by Swedish writer Joakim Pirinen, we are comfortably off, sexually satisfied, liberal, liberated and pretty much perfect.

Everything is wonderful and probably always will be. In The Khomenko Family Chronicles by Ukranian writer Natalia Vorozhbit, two parents tell their bedbound son the romantic tale of how they met and married - a light-hearted stroll down memory lane that takes us past Chernobyl and the Twin Towers.

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On his wedding anniversary, Spencer, a recently widowed successful San Francisco architect, is unexpectedly visited by his daughter, Irene. What begins as a mourning of their loss quickly becomes a confrontation over their shared past. We follow the relationship between father and daughter as they embark on an emotional course, which leads them into the legal system and out again. Their journey explores the wounds we unwittingly inflict upon those we care for most.

Ladies and gentleman! Let us present the romantic tenor, the couthy comedian, the speciality act and the equilibrist - a real Concert Party! In its halycon days variety theatre was part of the social life blood of the country. But in the shadow of the enemy - the technological wonder of the talkies - only the bravest or saddest of performers are left reading the boards, in cine-variety.

The death throes of one of Scotland's most popular entertainments are chronicled in this world premiere of a new play by Scots playwright Douglas Maxwell, the traditions brought briefly back to pulasting life by Grid Iron Theatre Company. It opens at the King's Theatre, Edinburgh in August The woman is accustomed to taking on difficult assignments, to suppressing her feelings in the line of duty, to being responsible disposing of or silencing those the system wants out of the way.

However, when her task is to infiltrate the anti-capitalist movement - young, diverse and full of hope for change - the MI5 agent begins to question her role. Are these people valid targets? And aren't they right to protest at the devastation caused by the greed of the multi-nationals, whose power has been allowed to grow unchecked?

Ben, Howie, Jude and Tariq. Four guys caged in a hospital ward in the name of medical research. Take tablets, give blood, get paid, go home. All that time to think, and bounce off the walls - and each other. What's more, you couldn't find four lab rats more different. At least, that's what they think - but, deep down, they suspect they're all surplus to requirements, as obsolete as Betamax.

Yet still holding on and still trying to control an uncertain world. Except Jude - the stakes are higher for him because his dad, Frank, is in a different ward of the same hospital being treated for cancer. Jude is angry that Frank isn't getting the right drugs, while Frank just seems to be taking the long view on a short timescale Forty days below the decks of a ship in relentless storms. Squalid conditions, a cargo of animals, and the man in charge claims he is acting on God's orders.

An ensemble cast tells the exhilarating and gripping story of the world's first natural disaster, and the making of the world's first Middle Eastern religious fanatic. The novel on which this play is based was a winner of the Whitbread Award In a crumbling Calcutta home, two sisters are forced to come to terms with their mother's secret history. In this funny and moving play, award-winning writer Shelley Silas examines how family and culture, time and distance, influence our sense of who we are.

Set in the Indian Jewish community, it explores conflicts between old and new, east and west, tradition and truth. If the past is another country, where is home? David conducts an office romance by e-mail. He has love at his fingertips. But a shocking admission unravels his relationship piece by chilling piece. Jess loves David. She believes happiness can be bought - but it doesn't come cheap in a world of easy credit. Jess and David's ideal blend of love and money is killing them.

Funny but heart wrenching, this ingenious drama dares us to enter a dislocated world of bad debts and even worse desires. Using only Charles Dickens' extraordinary words and a chameleon ensemble of eight actors, Neil Bartlett's powerful stage version of this much-loved story brings its settings and characters to thrilling theatrical life. From its opening image of little Pip, alone on the windswept marshes, to the haunted darkness of mad Miss Haversham's cobweb-strewn lair, this brand-new adaptation especially commissioned by Aberystwyth Arts Centre takes its audience on a journey right to the heart of Dickens' great exploration of childhood terrors and hopes - and of adult dreams and regrets.

It opens at Aberystwyth Arts Centre in March , followed by a national tour. When you've got everything you thought you wanted, how come you still want more? In their mock Georgian house on an exclusive estate, Rob and Hattie are preparing Sunday lunch for friends and neighbours - but all is not going to plan. Their seemingly cosy world of comfort and safety is about to explode.

Visible is an unexpected and provocative comic drama following in the tradition of Carboard Citizens' work on the edge. The company's roots in the forum theatre and experience of working with homeless people give it a socially innovative and distinct theatrical voice.

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Man turns tree into daughter! Since your daughter's death, I've not been much of a hypnotist. Set in a stage hypnotist's act, An Oak Tree is a vivid and absurdly comic play about how we fill the gaps in life. It's performed by two actors, one of whom will have never seen or read a word of the play they're in - until they're in it. There will be a new second actor at each performance. An Oak Tree is a brave and challenging story about loss, suggestion and the power of the mind. It is a remarkable sequel to Tim Crouch's first play My Arm , which was a major hit at the Traverse in When a rumour spreads like wildfire through a Colombian village, a respectable family start to wither in the heat.

As long- buried secrets begin to surface, their efforts to discern truth from slander become fused with a desire for justice. Love and addiction in New York City. Things are looking up for Jackie. He's out of jail and staying clean thanks to his sponsor. He might even have found a job. And of course there's Veronica, who he's loved since 8th grade. Nothing could come between them - except a hat. Poetic, profane and hilarious, this whip-smart look at love and addiction finds light even in the darkest corners of New York City. An all-singing, all-dancing celebration of ordinary life and death.

Single mum Emma confronts the highs and lows of life with a cancer diagnosis; that of her son and of the real people she encounters in the daily hospital grind. Groundbreaking performance artist Bryony Kimmings creates fearless theatre to provoke social change, looking behind the poster campaigns and pink ribbons at the experience of serious illness. Having moved to Dublin to start a new life, the young Romanian, Madalina, finds herself working in a kebab shop Her new career brings her into contact - quite literally - with a Romanian art student, Bogdan, and the three of them find a way of living and working together.

Their uneasy, messy menage-a-trois persists until Madalina decides to choose between her two men Kebab explores some of the harsher realities of immigration and what people are willing to give up in the hope of a better life. Kebab opened at the Royal Court Theatre in September Rena is 17 and nothing gets to her.

Not even when her parents kick her out and her older brother has to take her abroad with him. In Uganda, at a school for ex-child soldiers, she meets Alice, a girl her own age who has seen and done worse than Rena ever did. As friendship develops, so does the risk of betrayal. And even Alice is terrified of her mysterious 'uncle' and what he may reveal about her past.

A sharp, explosive new play about family, friendship and the fears that lie behind doing the right thing, Bulletproof Soul opens at The Door Birmingham Rep in March A play from Aleksey Scherbak. Remembrance Day takes an look at the fight for the political soul of Latvia.

Can you be a hero if you fought for Nazi Germany? The Latvians who fought for the Third Reich and halted the Red Army parade as heroes every year through the streets of Riga. As a growing number of young Russians campaign to halt the 'fascist' march, their Latvian counterparts join the veterans in commemoration. When teenager Anya becomes a political activist, her father's attempts to calm the situation stir up a storm of extremist patriotism. Sophie and Max are a thoroughly modern British couple, cosmopolitan, open-minded.

They've even constructed their own eco loo well, it does save thirty litres of water a day. Then there's Hana and Ali next door. Neighbours, but in every other sense, a world apart. Max is a lawyer, albeit a lawyer who grows his own dope. Okay, what a man does on his own patch is his business - but when war starts raging next door, whose business is that?

If ever there was a time for liberal intervention, this is surely it. Tamsin Oglesby's black comedy takes a humorous and subversive look at the world we live in today - one of multi-culturalism and blurred boundaries. And one in which violence is right on our own doorstep - no matter where we come from. I want to be a fireman. I want to be a teacher. I want to be a movie star. Poland, As these Polish classmates - five Catholic, five Jewish - grow up, their lives take dramatically unexpected turns as their country is torn apart by invading armies, first Soviet and then German.

Friend betrays friend and violence quickly escalates, reaching a crescendo that will forever haunt the survivors. Based on true events in the Polish village of Jedwabne and inspired in part by Jan T. Gross' controversial book Neighbors, Our Class bravely explores a subject still debated today. Two policemen are called out to a remote asylum to investigate the escape of a missing patient. Set in the twilight world of s pulp, this creepy satire twists and turns towards its shocking climax.

The things people tell you when they think they're on the brink The tale is unexpected, short and bittersweet, rather like its subject: a love affair between the doctor and his dying patient, the beautiful and cultured Alexandra Andreyevna. Thrown together by her condition, they find a love imbued with an honesty and an urgency that most would find unbearable. But this young woman's life is particularly fragile and in his desperate bid to cure her the doctor unwittingly prescribes the most dangerous drug of all. The Country Doctor was first published in the Russian literary magazine The Contemporary in the late s.

It was one of many tales which would later comprise The Sportsman's Notebook. Simon Day dramatises this enchanting story of frustrated love, bringing the elegance of Turgenev's prose to life in a new way. Inventory time in a pub or rather poeub somewhere in the world. Life is about to change for Mr Globul. He will go on to fight the inspectors, prompt a revolution, lead the country, lapse into a deep sleep, hide in a crowd of refugees, dress as a barrel and live as a travelling puppeteer Globul could be the heir apparent to Ubu and Gargantua.

Poeub is a modern epic comedy where Serge Valetti plays with language, characters, cliches, time and space and leads us through an imaginary world as pitiless, brutal and absurd as our own. A debut storytelling solo show, recounting a prodigal's return to the musty vibrancy of amateur dramatics. Step-ball-changing between quaint suburb and queer city, I, AmDram minds the gap between the identities we assert and the worlds we leave. I, AmDram is about the artist's individual experience, of a particular amateur dramatics society, in a specific New Town, in an unremarkable swathe of Middle England.

Are we just the puppet of our emotions? No aspect of our mental life is more important to the quality and meaning of our existence than emotions. They are what make life worth living, or sometimes ending. They are what motivate our behaviour and influence our beliefs.

Maverick Theatre-maker Mick Gordon and neuropsychologist Paul Broks join forces with acclaimed puppeteers, Blind Summit, to use and abuse the tools of the theatre, an art form which creates and manipulates feelings, to explore the complicated and crucial arena of human emotion. If you liked East is East you'll love Unsuitable Girls! Meet Chumpa Chamelli - bored secretary at Concrete Weekly, twenty-something girlfriend of the laddish Ashok, and a woman who knows her own mind and expects more from life.

With East End mates Mandy and Sab in tow, Chumpa sets off on a search for a better job - and an ending straight out of the movies.

Farber Plays One

Classic Hollywood romance with full-on Bollywood song and dance. Asian dub meets East End push and shove. But can dreams really come true? It was premiered in Heidelberg in and won the Frankfurter Autorenstiftung prize.


In The Man Who - , a strange man comes to audition for a production of Romeo and Juliet, and the boundaries between life and theatre begin to blur. Author: J. At their stylish country retreat, Freda and Robert Caplan host a dinner party for their colleagues and friends, all executives at a transatlantic publishing company.

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Young, beautiful and successful they have the world at their feet. Then a cigarette box and and an ill-considered remark spark off a relentless series of revelations and other, more dangerous secrets are painfully exposed. As the truth spills out about the suicide of Robert's clever, reckless brother, and the group's perfect lives begin to crumble, the cost of professional and social success becomes frighteningly plain.

Two couples trample on friends and lovers as they search for happiness. In Fringe First and Peggy Ramsay award winner Ryan Craig's play, their dialogue crackles with desperation and raw humour. Based on the television film Number 27 by Michael Palin First shown on the BBC, 23rd October Crooked Wood is a black comedy about ruthless property developers cashing in on the property demand around the London Olympic site, who then find themselves faced with an elderly lady refusing to move out from the last remaining house on their prime site.

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Andrew Veitch, the smooth-talking iron fist of Golden Future, cannot budge the intrepid Miss Barwick whose conviction that Veitch has come to restore her rotting stairs and floorboards and mend the holes in the roof generates the play's soft-centred humour. Painted in rich, vivid colors across a vast landscape of characters and locations, this stunning new version, relocates Pip's extraordinary journey to nineteenth century India and promises a powerful and theatrical telling of Dickens' universally loved masterpiece.

Please note this book can take up to 10 days to be dispatched. Troy is in ruins. Its men are dead. Its women are captives and the victorious Greeks are camped in the ashes preparing to sail home. Four quarrelling women drawn together by grief Four exhausted soldiers who hate each other's guts A King who falls for a girl so mad she can see the audience A teenage princess dreaming of the Underworld And a lonely man of conscience trying to get it all down on paper Award-winning poet and playwright Glyn Maxwell rips up two Greek tragedies and makes a modern play from the fragments.

A Palestinian actor learns there's more to English girls than pure sex appeal. A Pakistani-born terror suspect figures out what's wrong with his first novel. A British youth suspects all is not what it seems with his object of desire. A New Yorker asks his girlfriend for a sexual favour at the worst possible time. Meet Leah and Chris; raised on Harry Potter, New Labour and a belief that one day they would be as 'special' as their parents promised. But what happens when those dreams don't become reality? Follow Leah and Chris over these twenty years as they realise the future they were promised as children hasn't turned out as they hoped, against the backdrop of an asteroid heading for earth.

Told through performance and live music on multiple stages, with support from a different Humber Street Sesh band every night, this is Welly like you've never seen it before.

RAM: The Abduction of Sita into Darkness

Five ordinary survivors - four men and one woman - movingly reveal their memories, which make up a complete narrative of an awesome war. The words of the soldiers, however, are as fresh as if they were written yesterday. Little Women tells the story of the March sisters growing up in genteel poverty against the backdrop of the American Civil War. This timeless tale of four sisters' adventures has enchanted millions of readers, and is now available in this acclaimed adaptation for the stage. Henry, now in the autumn of his years, is transported back to the key episodes of his life.

At once ironic and affectionate, he speaks with his younger self both man and boy, offering warnings of a life to come and advice on how he might live it without the small self-delusions and regrets that leave him ultimately unfulfilled. Warm, funny and always entertaining Hock and Soda Water is a nostalgic lament for a life never lived.

So easy. So fast. So Target.

Christopher Morahan directs this quintessentially English comedy about the recipe for happiness through the three ages of man at the Chichester Festival Theatre from November April, Winston Smith, thinks a thought, starts a diary, and falls in love. But Big Brother is watching him, and the door to Room can swing open in the blink of an eye. Its ideas have become our ideas, and Orwell's fiction is often said to be our reality. The definitive book of the 20th century is re-examined in a radical new adaptation exploring why Orwell's vision of the future is as relevant as ever.

An edited and updated version of the script of this critically acclaimed adaptation, to tie in with the new Broadway production. Arguably Shakespeare's most villainous king, we watch in horror and delight as Richard murders his way to the throne, unable to resist his cruel wit and dark humour.

This is a hugely entertaining and diabolical adventure that tells the story of one man's journey to heaven, then back to hell. Number 6: Thai soup with chicken, coconut milk, Thai ginger, tomatoes, button mushrooms, lemon grass and lemon leaves hot. Everyone connected to everyone else, through this one place - The Golden Dragon is a funny and theatrical fable of modern life and migration, whisking you from your local takeaway to East Asia and back, revealing what really goes into that bowl of spicy soup.

Are you hungry yet? Paul Lucas' new black comedy is one of the most genuinely touching and heart warming plays ever written about murderous mayhem. Two dead dentists covered in lipstick - quite a week for the bumbling Detective Edwards. He gathers together a crack team of police minds to help him solve a case that seems to strike at the very heart of Middle England.

But as more and more bodies show up in ever more bizarre circumstances, it's not too long before the crack team begins to, well A comedy written for the Shakespeare's Globe, telling the story of an insatiably curious young man who, wishing to turn himself into a wise owl, takes the wrong drug and finds himself transformed into an ass.

His subsequent travels lead him to encounter the chaos of human desire from the perspective of a servile donkey. The most exquisite tale in this wonderful epic, as originally told by Lucius Apuleius, is the first known account of the marriage of Cupid and Psyche, which is perhaps the archetypal myth behind modern psychology. This version is true to the original: in the words of C S Lewis is 'a strange compound of picaresque novel, horror comic, mystagogue's tract, pornography and stylistic experiment.

Magdalena is a pupil of Mozart's. Her husband discovers that she has also been his lover. However, she has another secret that will have terrible consequences for both of them. Gregory Motton's latest play, and his fourth to be premiered in France, is a lyrical comedy.

It concerns God's relationship with his creations, and Man's destiny. It includes episodes with God and Lucifer, Isaac and Rebecca and their sons Jacob and Esau, Jacob and the Angel, Jacob begetting his children, God's love affair with Mary, the birth of Jesus, and the Saviour's final betrayal by his idolising follower, the lonely, fearful Judas.

In , two leading barristers: Philippe Sands QC for the prosecution and Julian Knowles for the defence tested the evidence of the grounds for an indictment of the British Prime Minister for the crime of aggression against Iraq. They examined a number of distinguished witnesses, including MPs, diplomats, international lawyers, civil servants, UN officials, policy advisors, intelligence experts and journalists. The arguments and testimony gathered, edited into a play by Richard Norton-Taylor, examine the criminal implications of the British Government's decision to use force against Iraq, and allow the audience to decide whether an indictment in this case is proven.

Some small signs of general wear. Seller Inventory mon Published by Voice of India About this Item: Voice of India, Condition: New. Seller Inventory M Published by Oberon Books Ltd About this Item: Oberon Books Ltd, Published by Shoe String Pr Inc From: Half Price Books Inc. Dallas, TX, U. Connecting readers with great books since Customer service is our top priority!. Published by Archon Books reprint of edition, Hamden From: Barbarossa Books Ltd.

About this Item: Archon Books reprint of edition, Hamden, About this Item: Condition: New. This is Brand New. Seller Inventory Voice Of India Ships with Tracking Number! May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be ex-library. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory q. Published by Independently published. About this Item: Independently published. Seller Inventory n. About this Item: Condition: As New. Unread copy in perfect condition. Published by Thames and Hudson Ltd About this Item: Thames and Hudson Ltd, New Book.

Shipped from UK in 4 to 14 days. Established seller since Seller Inventory HU Published by Shoe String Pr Inc. Condition: Used - Very Good. You already recently rated this item. Your rating has been recorded. Write a review Rate this item: 1 2 3 4 5. Preview this item Preview this item. Series: Modern playwrights. Attempts to come to terms with their violent past echo testimonies delivered in Apartheid's wake throughout South Africa during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

RAM: The Abduction of Sita into Darkness Farber's potent revisioning of this age-old text is a raw and probing contemporary work which places the loss of the Feminine Divine, and thus our lack of spiritual and moral equilibrium, at itsvisceral core. This is a Ramayana for a new world. Mies Julie Transposed to a post-apartheid kitchen - a single night, both brutal and tender, unfolds between a black farm-labourer, the daughter of his master and the woman who has raised them both.

The visceral struggles of contemporary South Africa are laid bare, as John and Mies Julie spiral in a deadly battle over power, sexuality, mothers and memory. Read more Show all links. Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Yael Farber is a multiple award-winning director and playwright of international acclaim.

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  5. Her productions have toured the world extensively - earning her a reputation for hard-hitting, controversial works of the highest artistic standard. The three plays in her first collection are linked by visionary reimagining of classic theatrical texts. Reviews Editorial reviews. User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Be the first. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.