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Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney The best: I wanted to find myself. Climbing the Himalayas The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi. Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran Important useful informations for others Book or publication about your tour I am very grateful to all the individuals who knew that I am working in this field.

They informed me worldwide by sending letters, later faxes and emails since about World-Around-Travellers. Without their help I could not get to this level. This internet-list had to be done very quick, because I did not have enough time. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the informations and a lot in my language.

At least you will never have seen such a huge collection of informations. Bernd Tesch Earlier experiences :??? Add: If you like it would be very nice for the travellers who read this, if you can send already "on the road". And one portrait-foto of each person of the tour. Please do NOT send series of fotos of the tour. Ich schrieb Joachim am Especially in "modern" websites, blogspots, facebook. Travellers offer their trip as a special one. Sometimes giving the impression that they are the first on "their route". Of course "each route" if you make one 1 m in another direction..

With many new adventures! But most of the time it is ignorance of the other travels on nearly the same route. Sometimes under complete other conditions. But if you are involved longer in travels my first was in and life you find out that the movement is the cause for progression. Atoms, molecules, people, motorcyles and big planets move. That is the reason here to start watching movements of motorcycle-travellers in the beginning.

What has been before the Urknall "Big Bang", which starts the existence of our universe?? An understandable and logical reasoning is that it has given other universe earlier and at the same besides our universe. The question of evidence is answered with the reply that there is too much space and time to travel there.. The universe started to exist somehow by exploding a black hole in which all the energy was contrated. The earth is one of nine big planets of the sun. There is and was always huge move in the universe.

Possibly out of movement there was a change of gravity and magnetisme in the universe. This caused that parts where pressed on each other and then dust attracted each other at first to smaller parts which are getting bigger and bigger. Finally becoming big rocks which attracted each other to big planets. Most of them were attracted by the gravity of the biggest part which IS the sun. The nine planets could escape somehow the gravity of the sun and started to circel around the sun. This growing took about 1 million years. Experts say :"Blue IS the desert colour of the sea". The sun is about mio kms away from the earth.

But the every moment changing sun influences the earth each moment by sending parts and energy to it. The next neighbour galaxie of the sun is the Galaxie of Andromeda-Nebel. The distance is 2 billion light years. Oxygen went up in the air and protected the earth against harmful Ozon. There was always enough H2 in the Air.

So both connected to H2O which fall down on earth as water. The vision that the cells came by meteroits from other planets or developed on earth is not proved. Identical one-cells developed to more-cells. These animals specialised later into animals with head and tail and eyes. The gene organises everything of the specialisation from inside.

The beginning of the first Ice age million years ago mio years ago After the first "Einzeller Stromatoliten" problay the first "Mehrzeller Euakara" came into the sea. The number of animals in the sea exploded then. The reasons were that the vulcanoes brought back the heat to the earth, snow and ice melt ed on the earth and the CO 2 from the vulcanoes in the air allowed the sun to bring more heat to the earth.

Before there was only life in the sea. They discovered the mud-land. Most are still ants. The big "Dinosaurier" developed. South America separates from Africa. India has become detached from Africa and moving towards Eurasia. Theory: In a total of another million years ago, the majority of the Earth's land mass could be due to continental drift back together to push supercontinent "Pangea Ultima". An asteroid killed all Dinosaurier and most animals in the whole world.

The Dinosaurier have been in some continents. From the southern part on earth called Gondwanaland Africa and India separated. They had houses with three floors and flewing water in 8. This civilisation in India stopped about 1. Possibly a change of the climate was the reason. This was long before the Egypt civilisation. Later the Indogerman people came from the north and the inhabitants went south. Hunters, fishermen, collectors. Better hewn stone tools. Start of pottery. Grain crops barley. Pits to catch wild animals. Often, ground and polished. Stone drill. Human beings were making flour out of cereal with the "cereal-mill" like above.

This "cereal-mill" was years before in the Neolithikum. This was found by Dr. He took part in one of my very first survival-trainigs in The ethnic group speaks an Indo-European language of the Celts. From mountains of Caucasus thes moved to all sides like central Europe and China.

Die Geschichte der Panamerican. Atzteken-Kultur in Mittel-Amerika Und landet auf den mittelamerikanischen Inseln. So folgt die Panamericana streckenweise den alten Wegen, auf denen die Inkas ihr Reich durchzogen. In S-Amerika waren schon 8. Es fehlen noch km Anschlusstrasse durchs Darien-Gap in Kolumbien. Man sagt auch, dass die Drogen-Schmuggler dieses Gebiet behalten wollen.

Letztendlich ist das eine Frage der politischen Entscheidung. Jedoch wurde das "Darien Gap" umschifft. C Bernd Tesch Bernd Tesch has been working in this field since Later Fax helped. It is very hard to find informations about the history: "North - to South travels by Motorcycle-Travellers". Do you know motorcycle-travellers bewteen ?? To find all this and all my activities was a "life-long job" and cost me a lot of money. Since many years I am working in a new book called "Alaska-Feuerland".

About Motorcyle World-Tours. ISBN DM I own all this books in all languages. If you find this book there you can order it. If you are a "Alaska to TIerra Del Fuego" Traveller or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know any one who is not listed here: Please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures.

Route : Europe Purpose of travel:??? Book or publication about your tour ???. Bernd Tesch This collection just have started. Will be continued. This means million people and 34 countries are united in North-, Central and South-America. Possibly out of change of gravity in the universe it was caused that dust attracted each other at first to smaller parts which are getting bigger and bigger. Most of them were attracted by the biggest part which is the sun.

The nine planets could escape somehow the gravity of the sun and started to circle around the sun. Kaum Beweise. Der Meeresspiegel soll ca. Nach dieser Theorie haben sich in wenigen Jahrhunderten die Menschen bis nach Feuerland ausgebreitet. Viertakt - Motor. I tried this many years. If you have any infomations about these I would be very grateful for informations. See the solo continents itself. Idee: Claenore lebte in Berlin. Sie wurde gebeten Fahrzeuge in Russland zu testen - was sie auch erfolgreich tat. So kam sie auf die Idee, die Welt zu umrunden. Und einem normalen PKW von Adler.

Jahr: Von Honolulu bis Los Angeles: Von Los Angeles bis New York: Von New York bis Stockholm: Es existiert ein Video. Werner Cooper versprach mir am Werner K. Verlag: Verlag von Reimar Hobbing. Die erste Autofahrt einer Frau um die Welt. Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen.

Verlag: ProMedia Verlag. Video: "Im Auto durch zwei Welten" Neuauflage Frau Klein. Lune de Miel en motocyclettes. From the wedding bells round the world. Their plate-numbers were: BMU amd I think they were sponsored by "Motokov" in Prague. He had a French publication about them. Who knows them, their present address or publications about them?? Jean Claude and Michel rode with Lambretta - scooters: The Worst: On the last day of their travel all their eight orignal films have been stolen.

This was even worst because the profession of Jean Claude was a film-maker. Les trois Ameriques en scooter. French As paperback in Jean - Claude was not at home and his neighbours had not seen him for weeks. I wanted to stay at least in his small village for a coffee - time in a nice restaurant to get an impression what makes a French mc-pioneer to travel out of his small village for such a big tour.

Nobody of the neighbours we met knew something about his great trip. Finally I left a short letter saying him that we would love to have met him and asked him to give me his new address. I know that Jean - Claude would have given us a good welcome. In Jean Claude died. NO Motorcycle Magazine published something about the death about this pioneer!! Helen Armstrong Schreider and Frank Schreider were explorers in the mid 20th century, known for traveling by amphibious jeep. National Geographic hired them after their first independent journey from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego They were the first people to travel the length of the Americas solely by means of their own power.

They completed six additional expeditions through National Geographic, working freelance at first and later as foreign editorial staff, for fifteen years, from to They worked as a team and lived for periods of time in about 50 countries on five continents. Helen and Frank Schreider were known for their ability to write, photograph and film within the cultures they visited. They wrote three books, six major articles for National Geographic, and contributed to nine other books. They also made three separate nationwide speaking tours with their films. This would be a journey of 20, miles.

The craft was successfully launched in a calm bay in Los Angeles — making front-page news in the Los Angeles Times. On January 1, they began the next phase of their journey. This time They turned to the coastline to go by sea but there was no calm bay to enter the ocean. They had to launch from the beach into twenty-foot waves, nearly ending their journey before it truly began. La Tortuga proved to be seaworthy and they entered the Pacific on four occasions and survived four terrifying days in rough ocean water.

Walking on ice - Gletscherwanderung

They were then misled by a friendly fisherman to go inland on a small river to a supposed road, which turned out to be not a road but a railroad. In desperation, they drove 35 miles on the railroad, bouncing along the ties, which almost destroyed La Tortuga. Somehow they survived, got themselves to Panama City where it took Frank six weeks and considerable expense to repair La Tortuga.

On May 11 they passed through the Panama Canal, but this was an adventure in itself, with La Tortuga looking like a minnow beside the huge ships. In parting, the admiral said that if they made it through the Caribbean to South America and Tierra del Fuego, he would recommend Frank to the Explorers Club. After the Panama Canal they survived a perilous mile journey on the Caribbean. To escape violent storms they sought refuge on islands inhabited by the San Blas Indians. Initially, these isolated people thought La Tortuga was a sea monster, but upon seeing the Schreiders and Dinah, they treated them with great hospitality.

From Colombia they continued through Ecuador, [20] and while in Peru took La Tortuga all the way to the remote ruins of Machu Picchu , where they found it deserted but for themselves. They then crossed the treacherous Strait of Magellan and finally landed on Tierra del Fuego. From the beach where they landed, a road building crew struggled to help them push and pull La Tortuga through an unfinished road to Ushuaia, finally reaching their goal on January 23, La Tortuga was the first vehicle to ever arrive on the island on its own power, for which it was issued an Ushuaia license plate 1.

Only then were they able to reassure their families and friends back home that they survived their journey. Frank started writing about their travels while on board the ship and within a few months he completed their book 20, Miles South , which Doubleday published in During their travels, in addition to photographs, they filmed their journey on a 16 mm Bolex camera. After editing the film on their return, they were booked on a speaking tour throughout the US and parts of Canada. They would stand on stage with Dinah of course speaking on microphones, narrating the journey live, while the film played behind them.

Melville Bell Grosvenor approached them and asked them to work for National Geographic. He wanted them to do more amphibious jeep expeditions to foreign lands. It should be noted that shortly after the Schreiders successfully completed their journey, Admiral Milton Miles of the US Navy recommended Frank to the Explorers Club, and on September 17, Frank was inducted as a member. In ?? Auf Verwehten Spuren.

Geschichten und Daten der ersten Entdeckungen der Amerikas. Amerika wird entdeckt. Verlag: Lizenzausg. Umschau Breidenstein. America North. America South. Von Heinz Jansen gekauft. Karte der "Fastkomplett-Umrundung von Afrika". Zugesandt von Bernd Tuchen. Ernst Wiese became a famous traveller.

The Austrian engineer started already in his early years. The second world war put an end to the second one. Finally he suceeded in : Ing. Ernst Wiese Wien. Von der Biskaya zum Eismeer filmportal. Alaska-Cape Horn. She just finished as a student a photographer school. End of april they reached the Magellanstrasse. Herta Leigsnerig Verlag, ohne Druckdatum ca. Es gibt eine Ausgabe von BT am Born Reisebeschreibung B Marianne Thal.

Wien: Herat Leigsnering Verlag. Sie dauerte in ca. Photographs by Marianne Thal. From Alaska to Cape Horn. Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd. He rode with an American woman-journalist name unknown. But until now Die 13 Monate dauernde Expedition steckte voller Abenteuer. Publisher Verlag-Dr-Faustus. Joachim Aurnhammer Klick das 2. He does not know anymore about the living place of Ernst Wiese and his family in Austria. Siegfried wanderte nach dem ersten Weltkrieg nach Argentinien aus. Verlag: Buch von Brockhaus. Besitzt dieses Buch nicht. In DB Deutsche Bibliographie nachgewiesen.

MA Hans Domnick German. Died In neun Monaten haben sie in Nord-Amerika gefilmt.

10 Sehenswürdigkeiten entlang der Carretera Austral in Chile

Er liess sich hydraulisch anheben. Die Filme liefen auch im Ausland. International englischer Titel : Dream Road of the World. Italien: L'ottava meraviglia del mondo. Frankreich: La route fantastique. Finnland: Unelmatie Buch-Text-Bildband. Hans Domnick. List Verlag. The motorcycle he shipped from Panama to Colombia. Everybody before thought that you can only cross the Darien-Gap with an armed expedition.

Blandt Broeleaber og jungleindianere Swedish. Med motorcykel og machete fra New York til Ildlandet Danish, Among Jungle Indians English, Parmi les singes hurleurs et les Indiens de la jungle French, 1st conract by letter. His "motorcycle love affair" started already with 16 years riding a Harley Davidson from But he wanted to travel the whole distance Alaska - Tierra del Fuego. So he crossed the Darien-Gap kms by the help of Cuna- und Choco- Indians with canoes and by walking.

He left his Motorcycle in Ushuia and rode it back in to North-America. Route : Alaska - Tierre Del Fuego arrived Danny fuhr Book: Two wheels to adventure. Alaska to Argentina by motorcycle English, , pages. Dos Ruedas a la Aventura Spanish, Danny ist bereits verstorben, aber seine Frau will das Buch in noch publizieren. From Alaska to Patagonia. Vermutlich ist das ein Buch.

German expedition in a Mercedes Benz diesel , inspired by a previous film about a newly completed road from north to south America, resulting in the book "Rollbahn Amerika. Ohne Druckdatum: er, Publisher: London, R. Hale Date of Publication: Binding: hardcover. Edition: 1st Edition. Mit einem Ponton-Mercedes durch Amerika. Die Idee wurde zum ersten Mal ernsthaft diskutiert, hatte man sich auf den Streckenverlauf geeinigt. Allein das ist erstaunlich. Eindeutig zuviel. Schon zuvor, beim Ausschiffen in New York Ende September bemerkten sie einen weiteren schweren logistischen Fehler: den Dieselmotor.

Diesel war in New York kaum zu haben - und nicht nur dort. Hinter diesem Bretterverhau fuhren sie bibbernd aber unverdrossen weiter bis nach Fairbanks in Alaska, dem eigentlichen Startpunkt der Panamericana. In Panama-Stadt mussten sie sich erneut einschiffen, um nach Kolumbien zu gelangen. Dort zumindest war ein besseres Fortkommen, und von Guerilla oder Drogenkartellen wusste noch niemand etwas.

Ernst Wiese und seine Begleiterin waren auch weich, aber nur ein bisschen. Publication in Motorcycle His Matchless twin was fitted with a radio. He checked in in Texas. He calls his ride a "jaunt" Publication in Motorcycle Carlos rode solo with a motorcycle Indian in three continents in two years. He publsihed books in in Spanish and in English. The best:?? The worst:?? Earlier mc-tours:? Publication: ISBN x. Carlos A. Tracks und Horizonts. English language. Huellas y Horizontes. Organization: Send an email to Carlos via website and facebook.

I would like to promote your motorcycle-travel-books on www. This is the worlds largest collection of real mc-travel-books in all languages. Ingenieria de una estafa. Start: Ushuaia. On the road north. Massimo Bertuzzi Borgognoni Italian. Renato Calo drove a Fiat S for the luggage and was the photographer of the raid. Steve Snider replaced Filippo Falzoni after a heavy accident in California. He repaired the damaged Laverda and rode it from Fresno California to Anchorage.

The best: The successfull adventure in spite of a only one month preparation in Italy and the Laverda being sportbikes which had never been tested for such a long trip. The personal achievement. The human adventure and all the meeting with local peoples. The discovery of history, culture and nature all over the trip, especially in South America.

The worst: The terrible accident of Filippo Falzoni in California crash in front of a truck. Heavily injured, he had to give up and came to hospital for many months. Published january in english, french or italian. Earlier experiences of the riders:??

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Earlier experiences of the writer of the book: Jean-Louis Olive. I went as south as possible in the Sahara desert Reggane but couldn't go on due to the poor fuel autonomy of my bike in spite of additional tanks. Back to France across Spain. It was then one of the longest trip done with such a 2 stroke motorcycle. Available january in english, french and italian. I asked for reply. It took the freelance journalist Jean Louis 20 years to finish all his researches for the research and writing this book.

The only rdie who covered the whole distance from south to north Massimo Bertuzzi Borgognoni passed away before the writing of this book. DIN A 5. Keine Foto-Sammlung. Die genaue Angabe, wann die eigene Reise "Alaska-Feuerland" stattgefunden hat, fehlt. Man startete in Germany Hagen zu dritt. Da die Kombination nicht funktionierte stieg ein Mann in Istanbul aus. Auflage August Publication : von Dieter Krauss 1. Greiner, Remshalden-Grunbach.

Mann, On the road - unterwegs. Aus dieser Szene entwickelte sich der alternative Tourismus - auch als Bestandteil einer neuen Subkultur. Sie bekam den Text, er die Fotos. Price in Euro? The book describes Christopher P. Baker's three-month, 11,km journey through Cuba in Written by Christoph for Bernd Tesch: Mi Moto Fidel provides a compelling and detailed analysis of Cuban society through the eyes of a veteran travel writer as he travels 11, km by motorcycle, covering the length and breadth of the island. At times serious, at others amusing, Christopher P. Baker author of the best-selling Cuba Handbook and Havana Handbook www.

Almost washed overboard during a storm- lashed crossing from Key West to Havana Baker regales the reader with eye-opening and hilarious vignettes. The brawny, 1,cc adventure- touring bike leads the author into off-the-beaten-track battles with giant crabs The narrative is supported by quality color photography. Mi Moto Fidel is both honest and poignant. It is written by an acknowledged Cuba expert with an ability to provide deep insights into the seemingly unfathomable and paradoxical nature of Castro's Cuba.

The author provides a keen, no-holds-barred analysis of the Cuban character and political scene that serves to regulate imagination by reality, distilling the hopes, doubts, fears, and convictions that shadow and illuminate the island during a period of hardship, uncertainty, and change. Baker explores and explains the subtleties and mythos that Washington and the Castro regime have conjured from their political bile.

The narrative, which takes place during a period of heightened tension between Havana and Washington, is supported by historical and political analysis that eventually tilts the author away from his early support for Castro's Revolution. His travels through Cuba are both disheartening and uplifting. As he wrestles with the Cuban enigma, he experiences some unexpected and dramatic insights that shift his thinking completely.

Mi Moto Fidel is a journey of self-discovery, too, as the author adjusts the end of his relationship to Daisy, his teenage lover. In Cuba, the author comes to discover and gain peace with his sexual self. A sensuality anchors the narrative and serves to illustrate one of Cuba's most abiding qualities: its eroticism. The view from a Harley in the north country. The author recorded the events, the thoughts, and the emotions that occurred along the highway as they happened in about two months. Allen leaves everthing at home behind him: To be free on his Harley "Sportser". To meet people.

English TG. Then he gives a view about the distance and highlights of this part. Short route-information which way to ride. Very detailed descriptions of the countryside and a lot of historical background of the area and human beeings in the past and today. A lot of typical fotos for this area. Many addresses of places of interest, restaurants and travel information.

All motorcycle dealers of New England. A very recommendable guide for preparation and "on the road" with informations you will never get without this guide. New Mexico. Very detailed description of the countryside and a lot of historical background of the area and human beeings in the past and today. Good climate view for planning your mc-tour. All motorcycle dealers in those States.

Latin America. Bill Carolls trip 7. At this time the Interamericana PanAm was not completed. The Appalachians are lying in the West of North America. The rides are in: Pennsylvania. West Virginia. North Carolina. Very detailed description of places he went with background of the area and human beings there. Typical fotos for this area. All motorcycle dealers of those States. A recommendable guide for preparation and "on the road" with informations you will never get without this sometimes positive humorous guide.

He rode in Mexico since but to write this book he travelled All to know: General information. A brief history of Mexico. The copper canyon. The colonial heartland. Jungles, Veracruz, and Indian villages. Appendices: A little Spanish. Translating the menu. Unusual things to pack. Motorcycle Rentals. Mc-transport services. Fiestas and motorcycle events. Neal gives a very detailed description of the countryside and a lot of historical background of the area and human beings in the past and today. GO there. Everybody loves not only Mexican hot food!

Great Lakes. Der herausnehmbare Tourenbegleiter ist zur Vorbereitung und unterwegs. Zehn Reportagen. Namibia Frazier, Gregory "Alaska by Motorcycle". Each year hundreds of motorcyclists realize their dream of riding their motorcycle to Alaska, America's last frontier.

Eike Uhlich | Get Textbooks | New Textbooks | Used Textbooks | College Textbooks -

Motorcycle preparation. Tire choices. Personal equipment. Different routes to Alaska. Road conditions. Resources before you go. Tent or motel? Description of landscapes. Jam packed full of adventures. Takes the reader on a journey of road and spirit. Unique observations about life, the world around us, and the strength of a woman, who thinks of herself as just the girl next door. Route: Dee explored, ate and slept usually camping in 38 States, with no planned agenda. The adventures she encountered, obstacles overcome, and fine people she met along the way inspired her to share her story with others, by writing a book.

Highlights : Ten of the same questions were asked everywhere she went. Number One question was "Aren't you afraid? What if you break down? What do you for work, that you can just take off this way? The man is riding a Honda Aspencade. His dog Petty is in a trailer behind and tries to mark each spot Dean chronicles his personal journey with a lot of impressions "on the road".

So you get a view of USA today and human nature. Daytona Beach. Anhang: Motorradvermieter. Organisierte Reisen. Fly and Ride. Das Buch bietet durch seine vielen hervorragenden Farb-Fotos einen guten optischen Eindruck einer Amerikafahrt und motiviert dort hinzufahren. Each chapter offers: Short view about distance, scenery and highlights. Detailed route-descrition. Road highlights. Places to see and eat. Places to stay. In mountainous Colorada you see: Ghost towns.

Natural wonders. National parks. Authentic western gold mining towns. Spiral binding for tank bag. Colorado The destination is the excuse". All necesserary informations for preparation and "on the road". Frank wrote this book to answer all the questions of his customers which he guides with his firm "Western Motorcycle Tours". The reader gets soon the impression that Frank knows "How to tour?

Where to tour? How to get there? What to see? Where to stay? Order : Western Motorcycle Tours. Namibian music in Chilewhatever next! Well done again for visiting such a little-known place. Kalte Luft und blauer Himmel. Wenn Engel reisen sollte das doch immer so sein. Zumindest sehe ich heute alles, keine graue Wolke am Himmel und das ist die Reise wert. Nach km ist mal wieder fin de asfalto. Ich lasse erst mal Luft aus beiden Reifen ab, was schon einiges erleichtert. Hier muss das Paradies sein. Also bleibe ich. Ismael, this is sometimes also in the middle of nowhere, but at the other end of the world, and it's a bautyful end - el fin del mundo.

Triffst Du auch andere Motorradfahrer wie Du? Und faehrst Du bis ganz unten?? Aber es hat sich gelohnt. Wow, schon sind wir den achten Tag in unserem Camper! Es geht wieder km weiter in Patagonien. Auf unsere Strecke befindet sich ein ganz bekanntes Bergmassiv, der Cerro Castillo.

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Auch wenn das Wehen nachts sogar den Camper ein bisschen zum Wanken bringt. Schon auf dem Weg zeigt sich Patagonien mal wieder von seiner Schokoladenseite. Noch dazu sind hier viel weniger Touristen. Das Wetter bleibt seinem Rhythmus treu und beschert uns nach einem durchwachsenen Fahr-Tag gestern, heute wieder beste Ausflugssonne.

The lake was very choppy. The wind was pretty high. Our boat was flying through the air every few seconds. It was a fast boat but the waves were huge and we had a nice roller-coaster ride all the way. The lake is extremely blue and has a soft, smooth milky texture mainly due to the marble particles in the water.

Its a huge lake so it has a microclimate of its own. Quite different than the overall climate of this area. We spent yesterday driving from Chile Chico to Puerto Rio Tranquilo in order to go kayaking to the Marble Cathedrals close to that little village. Rio Tranquilo is a small village that really only exists as a stopover for tourists to see the Marble Cathedrals. We picked a friendly-looking restaurant for dinner last night and struck up a conversation with a couple from Belorussia. We spent a very entertaining and interesting evening with Yuri and Marina, talking about everything from tourist tips to politics and sport.

We learnt that Belorussia only recently started offering 5-day visas for Schengen-citizens, so we added Minsk to our future travel plans :- Then, today, finally the Marble Cathedrals. We spent a lot of energy getting here, so we were both anxious to have a good experience visiting them.

And we were not disappointed! The Marble Cathedrals are natural rock formations in the lake that have been washed out from the bottom by the water and waves. The stone formations are made out of marble with beautiful colours shining through. We hired a guide Lucas who took us in kayaks and off we went. It was really a great experience - both the kayaking, which was great fun and exercise, and the sight of the marble in the water was truly unique. The tour was over at about am you go early so that the water is less disturbed by the wind , and we then tried to catch a bus to Coyhaique, our last stop before we go on a ferry and airplane up north back to Santiago.

The bus journey turned out to be quite an ordeal: first the bus at arrived nearly full - only 2 out of the 10 or so waiting passengers could join. Another us at 4pm was full as well, so the next bus: only at 5pm.