La Crise globale (Essais) (French Edition)

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Job Opportunities Job Application. Specialised System Components. A year ago, WAMGROUP launched an ambitious project: setting up a series of test laboratories in various countries at the premises of their subsidiaries. View all news.

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Galbraith, John K. Godechot, Olivier, , Working Rich. Hermitte et P. Kahn Eds. Hernandez, Valeria A.


Hernandez, P. Ould-ahmed, J. Papail et P. Hirschman, Albert O.

Des annonces délirantes

Landes, David S. Keynes, John M. Kindleberger, Charles P. Marx, Karl, , Le capital , trad. Mazoyer, Marcel et Laurence Roudart, , Histoire des agricultures du monde. And we thank all Singaporeans for their contributions to the United Nations and to global peace and prosperity. Singaporean nationals have served with distinction in many capacities, across the world. Thanks to far-sighted investments in education, health care, jobs, housing and public transport, you rank high in global lists that measure human development and gender equality.

You are a leader in sustainable urbanization through pioneering efforts encompassing water management, green buildings and much else. We will count on Singapore to contribute its expertise towards a successful Habitat 3 conference in October in Quito, Ecuador. And at a time of global divisions, you continue to build a prosperous society of tolerance and co-existence. Next week, Singapore will host a major international conference on responsible investing.

Responsible business practices are at the heart of the Global Compact initiative, and I welcome the network of important Singapore-based companies that is active pursuing this agenda. Thank you for this wide-ranging global citizenship.

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I am here to express my appreciation -- and to explore, together, what more Singapore can do across our agenda. In that spirit, I would like to highlight a number of areas where your contributions can make an important difference. Singapore strongly supported the shaping and adoption of the Agenda for Sustainable Development -- our new landmark framework for ending poverty and ensuring lives of dignity for all on a healthy planet. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are universal.

They cover all people, in all countries. Even the wealthiest and most powerful societies have yet to conquer inequality, discrimination and environmental degradation.

Now I am calling on all countries to align their policies, programmes and spending behind the new Agenda. That is the message I will bring to the G20 meeting later this week in Hangzhou, China. But there is so much more to be done. That is why Asia must embrace the Agenda. Tackling climate change is essential for sustainable development. The actions needed to reduce emissions and build climate resilience are among those that are needed to implement the Agenda and set the world on course for prosperity and security.

Now we need to bring that Agreement into force.

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Many major economies, including the United States and China, have committed to join or ratify the agreement this year. I will press for more support from other countries at the G20 later this week. On September 21, during the annual General Assembly meetings in New York, I will convene an event aimed at building further momentum for rapid entry into force.

La crise économique, c'est pour 2020 ? [Olivier Passet]

I invite Singapore to attend and deposit its instrument of ratification. At a time of significant global challenges, the Agenda and Paris Agreement have been a boost to multilateralism, and have given us hope that we can overcome other global divisions in the name of the common good. Conflicts and protracted crises pose grave risks to our ability to deliver on the promise of the Agenda.

From Syria to South Sudan, from the Sahel to Libya and Yemen, violence is shattering lives and forcing millions from their homes.