A fight is not about who is right. Its about who is left!

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But if fighting were just about raw emotion and trying to inflict physical damage on an opponent, it would quickly become distasteful. Those rules are constantly evolving over time. How does a fight start?

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Why does a fight start? You just kind of have to be out there, feel it out and make a decision. Fighting used to be much more prevalent in the sport. It was valued to such a degree that players who could barely produce offensively and got very little playing time were felt to be a necessity in the lineup. That's just the way it was, their tough guy vs.

There Is No “Right Person, Wrong Time” – P.S. I Love You

That's gone now. Hockey is a contact sport so it is impossible to react after every hit, but if it is believed a player has crossed the line between physical and dirty, then he will have to answer for it. A very recent example came on Jan. Gudas delivered a shoulder check right to the chest of Nic Dowd that knocked Dowd to the ice. If you see a teammate take a dirty play, then you are expected to respond.

From the other end, if you deliver a big hit, you are not going to be caught off guard when the other team comes after you. As seen from Elle some grudges can carry over from a prior game. Wilson was suspended in the preseason for a hit he delivered to St. Louis Blues forward Oskar Sundqvist. When the Capitals played St.

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Louis in January for the first time since that hit, Wilson dropped the gloves with Blues defenseman Robert Bortuzzo in a fight that felt a lot more motivated by the Sundqvist hit than anything that was happening during the game. Wilson was engaged with another Blues player when Bortuzzo injected himself into the conversation and sparked a fight. While most fights may start with players standing up for teammates, hockey has not completely lost the old enforcer mentality. It has simply evolved. The typical fourth line enforces of the past are gone as everyone is expected to produce in the current era of the sport, but teams also cannot be without someone willing to drop the gloves to defend his teammates.

So when something happens, you go into Ottawa, you look at their lineup, it's a guy like [Mark Borowiecki], he's probably the guy that would fight if something happened. There's that understanding. I'm not going to go grab someone else on their team like the young [Brady Tkachuk] kid. There's just that understanding. Because of his growing role, Wilson cannot simply drop the gloves against anyone just because they ask.

If you get a five-minute major, you could be in the box for 10 minutes because you have to wait for a whistle. It can be a huge chunk of time so you've got to be really smart about it.

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  8. In , the NHL adjusted its rule on instigating a fight to make the punishment a game misconduct. In , the league further changed the rule giving an instigator a two-minute minor, five-minute major and a minute misconduct penalty. But saying no to a fight is not without its risks. Refusing a fight when a player wants to stand up for a teammate or spark his team has its consequences.

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    Wilson said there have been players who told him after he refused a fight that they would continue targeting his teammates with big hits until he agreed. He then has to determine how much he will allow before he ultimately acquiesces. There's guys that take that approach.

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    Even with the instigator penalty, you also still risk getting hit if you refuse a fight. It can be difficult to understand at first why there are so many rules the players hold themselves to when it comes to fighting. In any other sport, there are no such understandings. Tensions rise, punches get thrown and an argument devolves into a fight and further into a brawl. When things get heated to a point in which emotions take over, things get very ugly very quickly. But fighting in hockey is different because the underlying foundation in which all these unwritten rules are based on is respect.

    In most cases when players want to fight they talk about it on the ice, drop the gloves so that no one gets the jump on the other, fight, then stop when one goes down or a referee gets in between them. There are even some instances where you see players give a sign of mutual respect after the fight. Eller may not have wanted to fight, but he ultimately dropped the gloves.

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    The unwritten rule that he doesn't have to, but I think he should have and that would have been what most guys would have done. That was disappointing and not usually the way things go. According to the rule book, Eller was in the wrong and went to the penalty box as a result. According to the unwritten rules of the game, however, Marchand was wrong for not accepting the fight. Fighting may not be as prevalent in hockey as it once was, but the rules that govern it are alive and well and ever-changing.

    Explaining the unwritten rules and etiquette of a hockey fight

    Though it may not be as big a part of the game as in past years, fighting still remains deeply ingrained in the sport. Capitals defenseman Christian Djoos and forward Chandler Stephenson filed for salary arbitration before the 5 p. NHL deadline on Friday. What comes next for the two young depth players?

    Djoos is an interesting case. He could have simply signed that, but agent Jason Davidson steered him toward arbitration, where a firm deadline could lead toward more money or maybe a multi-year extension. Djoos, 24, held a place in the Washington lineup early in the season until a hit to his thigh in a Dec. He missed 24 games, but returned Feb. Djoos appeared in three Stanley Cup playoff games — though he never really looked the same as he tried to come back from that traumatic injury.

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    He played in 16 of the final 27 games and was a healthy scratch 11 times. Djoos played in 63 games in and in 22 of 24 postseason games when Washington won the Stanley Cup. He turns 25 on Aug. Often times the past two seasons he played on the right side. She highlighted several alleged incidents about James, including him saying hurtful things about fellow beauty community members, Jaclyn Hill and Marlena Stell, as well as some, to be frank, ignorant comments he made about wanting to hook up with a straight waiter at a restaurant and not caring about the waiter's sexual orientation James identifies as gay.

    You're my family, I love you still This is not about money at all. She mentioned that the end of this relationship will be hard for her. James did her wedding makeup and has been there for very important milestones in her life. She'll never be able to reflect on them without thinking of him. James Charles posted a video to his channel apologizing to Tati for his actions at Coachella and the restaurant where he allegedly hit on the straight waiter.

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