Vegan Dinner: 30+ Tasty, Healthy, Amazing Vegan Recipes to Feel Great at Night

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54 Easy Summer Weeknight Dinner Recipes So You Can Just Chillllllllllllll

But think about how unhealthy they are from the meat ew to the heaped amounts of kinda fake cheese and sour cream. Thankfully I found this fully vegan nacho recipe which means we can enjoy our faithful nachos, without all that bad stuff. For real, how could I not share this when it looks so insanely good?! And did I mention that gooey yellow stuff is nacho cheese?

It looks so good. Plant based food rocks! Tacos for me is all about the filling. John and Lauren create perfection with their foods, and are all about re-creating favourite dishes in vegan friendly ways, so I died and went to heaven when I found this recipe. Go and make it — like, right now!

7 Low-Carb Veggie Dinners

Whilst not a typically vegan recipe, you can very easily make it so by omitting the cheese for a vegan cheese substitute, voila! Anyone who enjoys a good enchilada will know that the corn tortilla is wrapped around an array of vegetables and then baked with cheese which melts over them like some kind of glorious shield.

Vegan Dinner Ideas Everyone Will Love

The best part of cooking enchiladas is how easy and versatile they can be. This is exactly what you want from a burrito. Quesadillas are toasted lightly, usually on a griddle pan, and full of goods that melt down and ooze out. And this recipe is no exception. And this quesadilla has a lot of fresh ingredients, from the cilantro, red onions and scallions and then packed full of hearty ingredients such as black beans and a layer of humous. Thai food is a super popular nowadays.

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But you can just as easily cook it yourself. Not familiar with Thai? Thai food definitely has its own distinct taste, and is a real fusion of flavour and colour.

Thai green curry is probably the most famous of Thai dishes. It still looks delicious and creamy, but is packed out with an abundance of healthy vegetables. Want it a little more filling? You could add some tofu in there, but this dish is hearty enough without. Veggie spring rolls with a satay sauce are the perfect party food or dinner party appetizer. The traditional chicken here is replaced by lots of veggies, and you can still enjoy that peanut sauce, just in a new, healthy way.

These wraps are coconut wraps, but you can just as easily use rice wraps instead. In your hunt for all of the ingredients, be sure to pick up a green papaya which is green and unripe, firm with no spots on its skin. A traditionally vegan Thai dish at last. Well, almost — this can be made with chicken, shrimp or, in this case, tofu, and it usually has fish sauce as a base. Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest in the whole world, and thanks to a diet based on oily fish, tofu, fermented veggies and green tea, the Japanese live longer than anyone else on Earth.

So what are you waiting for? Improve your health and impress your friends with these delish Japanese dishes, which turn your home into an impromptu sushi bar. Sushi is probably the recipe that first springs to mind when considering Japanese cuisine.

55 Comforting Vegetarian Recipes That Are Getting Us Through Winter

But so many people screw their noses up in disgust at the suggestion of sushi. Sushi is actually the rice part of this dish. You can probably tell from the photo how beautiful this sushi looks, but allow me to sell it to you some more. This sushi includes asparagus, beets, red peppers and even sweet potatoes. And I have to agree; this sushi looks way better topped with veggies than it would seafood or meat. Ramen is a popular in Japanese cuisine, and is noodles served in a broth with vegetables and meat, but there can be vegan versions too, like this one.

In this recipe, the broth of choice is made from miso, a delicious fermented soy beans. Tempura prawns is a popular dish, and one you can even get at most sushi restaurants. Soba noodles are often used in Japanese cuisine and are an easy-cook buckwheat based noodle with a slightly nutty flavour.

The sweet and spicy peanut sauce in this recipe is truly scrummy, and is poured over the noodles, which are then topped with fresh vegetables, cilantro, sesame seeds and more peanuts. Okonomikayki can only be described as Japanese comfort food. Okonomiyaki are usually made with the addition of eggs, veggies and of course meat. The chickpea flour adds the colour to these and kala namak gives the eggy flavour. The sauce? Vegan mayo and pickled ginger.

Lebanese cuisine is one of the most loved — and possibly most ancient — cuisines around.

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The beans are in a tomato sauce and it naturally a vegetarian one-pot dish that requires minimal ingredients but tastes ridiculously good. This stuffed eggplant recipe is a take on the Lebanese dish Aubergine Lebanon, which is either stuffed aubergine, or an aubergine stew. Hummus is perhaps the most famous of all Lebanese dishes, and is served up at many meals. I really wanted the Golden Lentil Dal one, can we get an updated link? Could this be fixed? Thanks so much! This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

32 Tasty & Healthy Vegan Snacks to Fight Off Cravings

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If you think eating vegan is boring, think again. Browse through these hearty recipes and find main courses, salads, and soups that'll fill you up — and even satisfy your meat-loving friends. Don't stop there: Try our delicious vegan desserts , pizza recipes , breakfast ideas , and homemade ice creams!

You'll probably want to make a double batch of these coconutty toasted pitas for an afternoon snack. Get your vegetable peeler ready! Dress up this tangy quinoa salad with shaved asparagus ribbons. In just 20 minutes, you can turn a bland head of cauliflower into a flavor-packed main. Fully loaded, fully vegan — and all the guac you could ever dream of.

Make this in your Instant Pot for the easiest and heartiest family dinner. It may be hard to believe but this sweet and spicy pad thai is better than takeout yep, we went there. There's a reason this creamy, protein-packed dish is an Indian classic. It's delicious, that's why. Pack this light summer dish the season's finest produce, including tomatoes, zucchini , and squash.

Learn to love your food and lose weight at the same time. Not sure how to cut your gourd? Follow this four-step tutorial.

27 Incredible Vegan Dinner Recipes to Put on Your Menu ASAP | Ambitious Kitchen

The natural sweetness of the yam goes perfectly with chipotle flakes and smoky cheese sauce in this truly amazing dish. Now that you're getting the hang of your spiralizer, you might as well turn every veggie in your fridge — carrots and zucchini, especially — into colorful "noodles. Switch to a Parmesan-free vegan pesto sauce this one is our favorite! Top roasted sweet potatoes and quinoa with a sweet Thai peanut sauce for a healthy Asian-inspired meal. This flavorful stir-fry uses zucchini noodles instead of regular ones, making it both vegan and gluten-free.

Meet your new go-to weekday lunch. Trust us, you'll want to make room on the grill for these colorful skewers loaded with squash, mushrooms, tomatoes, and more veggies of your choosing. Read up on more clean carb recipes now. Topped with a spicy red chile sauce, fried tofu brings the crunch to this cucumber and cashew-filled quinoa bowl.

How do we make these noodles so creamy and cheesy without cream or cheese? Magic and nutritional yeast. The takeout menu is limiting — these spicy and sweet Brussels sprouts, however, are not. These spiced Indian chickpea fritters are full of surprises, including three different kinds of veggies. Lily Bartel says:. April 24, at PM. May 3, at PM. Desiree says:. December 26, at PM. December 31, at PM. Michael says:. January 12, at AM. January 15, at PM. Akhila says:. May 28, at AM.

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