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Paul July 24, Loved IT October 31, Herman just a guy October 15, Henry June 12, Hello November 23, Sonicaven July 3, The story revolves around a group of Harvard med school students who have to go through the rigrous training of becoming a doctor.. Some faint during the anatomy classes while a dead body is being disected to study the various human parts..

This reminds me of the incidence when one of my classmates fainted during my 12th science grade biology lab session.. The teacher was disecting a rat and When I first read this book I was quite touched with the passion with which Doctors treat their patients.. The teacher was disecting a rat and the poor girl looking at the artiries and the strong smell just fainted..

Any way coming back to the novel I would like to say it's a superb novel depecting the emotional side of Doctors while treating a very sick patient.. How they make themselves strong in knowing pretty well that some of the patients they treat have cancers and other acute illness and no cure is possible as yet It also talks about mercy killing which one of the interns acutally takes up to himself to consult the patients who are sick and dying every second of their miseralbe pain and to give them a mercy killing with a mutual consent from them..

A very heart warming novel showing that there are good doctors in the world just like the way there are bad , cold hearted Doctors.. There are those Doctors who dedicate their lives for the welfare of treating their patinets with kindness and hope again'st those Doctors who only wish to make a good life for themsleves at the cost of a miserable sick patient Though quite lengthy the novel is but I don't mind if a book is well crafted and this one indeed is..

Cheers and a happy to reading to one and all Nov 08, Ayesha rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary.

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But despite my prejudices,It gives an almost realistic view of a doctor's life. Mar 25, Asghar Abbas rated it it was amazing. See, finally they put someone with a lot of soul in a house that's far from white. I love this epic novel. True, while it's not set in some vast fantastic middle earth or even in the romantic South of the civil war, it spans decades and thoroughly depicts the lives of men and women in the medical field and reveals every dark aspect about it.

I think it's quite accurate overall when it comes to portrayal of the characters' lives: through admission interviews, where you must find a way to thoroughly impress your interviewer, sometime spending a horrible amount of time or mon I love this epic novel. I think it's quite accurate overall when it comes to portrayal of the characters' lives: through admission interviews, where you must find a way to thoroughly impress your interviewer, sometime spending a horrible amount of time or money engaging in activities that might do just that volunteering in hospitals, getting some hands on experience on research if you're lucky - all of which, during your precious schoolyear of high school!

It covers all of these from the perspectives of some very diverse set of doctors: the married too young type, the forever unmarried, the black Jewish doctor whose story brought me to tears more than once , the cocky double doctorates, military medical officers and so on. Through moral dilemmas, marriage troubles, affairs and various fights for equality the black fight, the feminist fight, a Jewish fight. Aside from the characters and their subplots, Segal does a brilliant, brilliant job of interweaving his fiction with real life Events in two ways: he either sets his characters in historical events, like Hank who's a medical officer in Saigon during the Vietnam war, or inserts various details about the changes going on in the world around them, like medical breakthroughs or some news about this president or another - which was fairly interesting and made me feel much closer to my favorite characters topping the list is Seth Lazarus!

And here's a note: "Seth Lazarus. Everybody borrows his notes and he will never awake past his bedtime. I can relate to this fellow. One of the dark aspect in the life of a doctor which I mentioned earlier is of course the lack of social life and free time for the first decade post medschool which on its own is a pretty wearying environment to maintain your social skills , and it hit me only towards the end of the book when Laura is 37, a childless divorcee and deep in research - she has an affair and it is discovered that she can't cook, hasn't engaged in a physical activity since college, haven't been to plays or parties even once in the past decade and is deeply unhappy.

She hasn't been abroad except for that single medical conference in Mexico. I think generally this is a must read for every one who aspires to become a doctor, as things haven't changed an awful lot since the 70s when it comes to doctors' time management skills, morality, laws regarding their profession and personal lives. It handled a lot of professions aside from medicine, like law, publishing, teaching and so on.

And 'Doctors' also spanned a ton of situations: the Black panthers movement and its inner issues, the holocaust a story that has made me cry and cry and cry , a surgeon who's hands had been damaged, going to college on a basketball scholarship, abortions, mercy, losing family members of all kind sons, fathers, sisters , thus losing his speciality, being a strong woman in a male dominated field, the moral implications of illegal euthanasia, trials and tribulations of all sorts.

I loved it. I don't think I've enjoyed a book this way ever since I've read Gone with the Wind , about a decade ago. View all 3 comments. Mar 26, Meghana rated it it was amazing. They had always been brothers. But that summer they became friends I love Erich Segal and thereby this review is probably read: definitely biased. Doctors is one of those books that you not just read over a period, but you crawl into and live in between the pages.

Like all of Segal's books, this one revolves around Harvard - It's medical school to be precise - and the class of ' This tells the story of the kind, hopeful kids that came in and the brilliant but neurotic doctors that walked o They had always been brothers. This tells the story of the kind, hopeful kids that came in and the brilliant but neurotic doctors that walked out.

The main protagonists are Barney and Laura, genius individuals and best friends, and Segal follows their jouney from the sandbox to their field-changing careers in a profession where the suicide rate, divorce rate and drug-addiction rates are ironically HIGHER than the national average. The fantastic well-rounded story aside, the writing itself is very detailed and descriptive. The author takes us on a journey not just about of lives of this diverse group of med students, but of America, during the formative years: be it the 2nd world war, Vietnam war, the rise of the Civil movement; as well as the pioneering discoveries in medical research that has shaped the modern health care and longevity that we now enjoy.

To read this was not just getting a glimpse into the life of a medical professional, but rather how and what went into making them the way they are. I recommend it for doctors and non-doctors alike! A brilliant book. Erich segal keeps you hooked to the plot and characters.

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He explores the characters and their relationships in a genuine manner. I was addicted to Robin Cook's medical thrillers in school. I have religiously watched every episode of Grey's Anatomy. As a teen I watched many surgeries on Reality TV and aspired to be one someday. To be present at the heart of change and innovation. I realised after some time it was only a fascination with the profession and I wouldn't have the tole A brilliant book.

I realised after some time it was only a fascination with the profession and I wouldn't have the tolerance for the lifestyle nor would I have the IQ for it. In India it is a matter of prestige to be a doctor and I always wondered whether there are still people who want to be doctors for a deeper reason than just status. In this book, Segal mentions the reasons the characters decide to become doctors. He has done justice to the characters, he hasn't written them for the sake of writing a book. I learnt that one does not have to be a doctor to write a good story about doctors.

I had heard a lot about Segal's book 'love story' and it was a concious decision to not succumb to the hype. I'm glad I chanced upon Doctors. I have highlighted lines which I will return to from time to time. This was a good break for me from all the Indian literary fiction I have read lately. Guess it's time to get back to it. Feb 09, Travelin rated it it was ok Shelves: started. The absolutely final update: There's a great deal I could say about the politics of this book, most of it grim, so I'll skip a treatise on the profound value of human life.

I saw a quote recently, that "messages are for postcards," but Segal apparently never got that memo. Emotionally and apparently medically shallow, every character in the book has a different trivial agenda, while being given essentially the same voice. I once stumbled onto a hallway of recent graduates preparing themselves silen The absolutely final update: There's a great deal I could say about the politics of this book, most of it grim, so I'll skip a treatise on the profound value of human life. I once stumbled onto a hallway of recent graduates preparing themselves silently, indifferently, in isolation, for medical school entrance exams.

Like Segal, I would tend to believe that the real drama and differentiation in their lives is restricted to clinical consideration of academic questions. That's not to say that Segal has the emotional depth to explain why academic pressure makes such automatons suicidal as well. But my real complaint is that a pro-euthanasia thread emerges, and, skipping rapidly ahead, serves as the capstone inspirational message of the book. This from an author with a debilitating lifelong illness, although he apparently saw no reason to take his own life.

Very early in the book, a survivor of the Holocaust is saved through extraordinary medical intervention. Whether this contradiction compared to the final message of the book is meant to serve as Segal's excuse for rhetorical balance is anyone's guess. I think he, like a lot of German heritage Europeans and Americans who love euthanasia, was a dedicated athlete, a "doer", who saw anything less than biomechanical freedom as life limiting, often unacceptably, even permanently so.

Just as we finally arrived on the first day of biochemistry for Harvard medical students, my mind made such a mix of unpleasant connections that strangers at great distance in the coffee shop become convinced that my stillness signalled some Einsteinian insight. Not quite. Here's what seems terribly wrong: The biochem professor is quoted as saying that there are some 20 amino acids necessary for human metabolism, or about 80 amino acids in the world.

There are in fact thousands of amino acids. One old Ph. D chemist claimed several years ago that adding one of the known amino acids to the "necessary" category would ameliorate heart disease.

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My problem is that I appear to be more intelligent than Professor Segal's account of doctors, while recognizing his point that doctors are working with limited information themselves. However, Segal suffered from a debilitating disease in the last decades of his life, and it appears he was not putting in due diligence to understand basic biochemistry.

Perhaps the labours of trying to reproduce life in Harvard medical school without being a doctor himself help explain why one of his fictional characters attempting to do the very same thing becomes suicidal early. I've met someone who dropped out of Harvard medical school, and the one sentence related to me about the experience has always seemed exceedingly strange However, I once inadvertently insulted a beautiful biology student on a bus in Sicily with my insistence on the facts of amino acids.

If I'm willing to blow that opportunity for science, I'm far more likely to drop this book, especially as the nonmedical socializing isn't proving especially profound or interesting.

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Apr 09, Marwa Shafique rated it really liked it. A definite must read for those interested in medicine. Nov 08, Paul Goina rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , life , americans. I read this book in 2 days and I want to read it again and again I also enjoyed the idea that 2 best friends to became lovers. It's a motivational book for those who want a med career, like me, and I recommend it for everyone. My favorite book so far. Jan 10, Zara rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was too long. Like really, really long especially with all that medical stuff that bored me which I admit with a title and synopsis like that, it was my own fault for reading this.

And there were many characters with their own little narratives such as Bennett, who I must say had an interesting story but the side characters also : a Took us away from the story and added to the overall length. Yay for Hank. Barney's and Laura's relationship took far too long to develop. And what do we get for soldering on bravely through their obviously mismatched and soul destroying relationships?

Similar, I suppose to Love, Rosie but with I think a more satisfactory ending. I wouldn't recommend anyone reading this as romance. It isn't. May 29, Ross-Barry Finlayson. Novels, like 'Doctors', make me enjoy reading this type of book. Not only is this well written, but it also gave me an insight into the world of the Doctor, and the training they must endure to become qualified. Apr 22, Tarini Chandrashekhar rated it really liked it.

That is the power of his prose, it just reels you in, and makes you wonder about eve "Because, Hank, neuroses aren't like viruses, they aren't identifiable things that float around in the air They come from a definite place and that place is a four-letter word called 'home'. That is the power of his prose, it just reels you in, and makes you wonder about even the most frivolous of their neuroses.

Not to be mislead by the title, this book is not meant to narrate the harrowing lives of the doctors through the abstraction of medical jargon and just leave it at that. It delves into the troubled psyche of an 'impaired physician', because of the very contradiction their calling presents them with, to be able to heal without damaging themselves; the ambivalence of caring without caring too much.

The books deals with moral grey areas and like euthanasia, racial tension with a sensitivity and analysis far ahead of its time, never projecting judgement. Anyone who has read Segal's previous works can expect no less from Doctors, but a brilliantly written piece of literature.